New Toyota IQ: So Much for Brain Power, Then

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
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  • Psarhjinian Psarhjinian on Oct 20, 2008

    Hopefully the decision to sell Scion in Canada will coincide with Toyota's deciding to sell the iQ as a Scion. As it stands, the xB and tC serve some purpose, but the Matrix and Yaris make the xD redundant. Replacing the xD with the iQ would open a new segment to Toyota/Scion. While we're at it, a microvan like the Scienta, hard-core micro-offroader (Daihatsu makes one, no?) and the Avensis wagon would make nice Scions and--this is important--wouldn't overlap, or even be cross-shopped--against anything in the Toyota showroom.

  • Maniceightball Maniceightball on Oct 20, 2008

    I'm partial to the design and all, and I think this is a clever little car -- but did they have to so blatently rip off the name from Daimler's Smart? I mean, they're quickly becoming the world's largest car manufacturer; you'd think they could afford a better marketing department.

  • Holydonut Holydonut on Oct 21, 2008

    maniceightball - the packaging requirements of these A-segment cars basically make them all look the same. Underneath the basic shape lies different technology that sets the iQ apart from the Smart. The differential, frame rail, and HVAC units are super-tiny which allow for there to actually be second row of seats. The fuel tank actually sits almost hamburger-flat, which is revolutionary for packaging in A-segments. There isn't much benefit to make the car appear drastically different on the outside if that resulted in the occupants spooning the engine while steering the car with an XBOX controller.

  • Chupa Chupa on Oct 21, 2008

    holydonut - I think he was referring to the name correlation: Smart - IQ. Funny coincidence, no?