GM CEO Rick Wagoner Sends Dealers SOS for Bailout Bill

Rick Wagoner, Chairman and CEO, General Motors09/30/2008

To All GM Dealers:

To avert long-term financial hardship for our nation’s hardworking citizens, Congress and the Administration must craft a solution to restore stability and confidence in our nation’s financial systems. The current financial crisis goes far beyond any one industry. With each passing day without a solution, the credit markets continue to freeze up, denying consumers and businesses the needed cash for home loans, car loans, small business loans and the critical investments that grow the economy and create jobs.

Our elected officials in Congress need to hear, today, that our country needs a bipartisan solution quickly. Congress is hearing from those who oppose a bailout, but not from those who know that inaction poses dire and long-lasting consequences for our national economy.

I’m asking each of you to contact your House Representative and Senators, to let them know how the worsening turmoil in the financial markets is harming the economy and consumers. It’s critical they hear from us now, in order to receive a balanced message on why bipartisan relief is needed now, to restore stability, confidence and access to credit within our financial markets – all of which are needed to preserve our nation’s economic health and growth.

Please make this issue your highest priority and call your respective Representative and Senators today. Your voice needs to be heard, and it will make a difference. If you cannot get through initially, we ask that you keep trying — we need to make sure Congress is getting a balanced perspective. Thank you for your support.


Note: To obtain information about your respective Representative, Senators and others in the House and Senate Leadership, you may access the “Contacting The Congress” Web site at The attached talking points also may be helpful.

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  • Campisi Campisi on Oct 01, 2008

    How did TTAC get a hold of this, anyway? No source is listed.

  • Halffast Halffast on Nov 08, 2008

    I'd like to speak with Mr. Wagoner. I have had an idea cookng in my head for some time now that could possibly save millions in outsourced production costs and make the vehicles more appealing to the consumers. Does anyone know how to contact him directly? Or any of the big three for that matter.

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  • Mike Beranek The suicide door T-Bird in blue is a stunner. I love the look of that car.
  • Cprescott Interesting car. Even in its current condition it looks better than any Honduh made in the last decade. Honduhs already come with a built in junkyard designed look - mishmash of elements that don't work well together.
  • Arthur Dailey Sigh ............. now we are getting to the 'interesting' part.1st tier PLC: Mark III, IV, V and Eldorado. 2nd tier: Toronado, T-Bird, Riviera, Cougar. 3rd tier: Regal, Gran Torino Elite, Cordoba, Cutlass Supreme, Grand Prix, Monte Carlo.
  • Cprescott If you own one of these, the insurance company should refuse to fix any external damage since that IMPROVES the looks. Bone stock, it is hideous.