Ask the Best and Brightest: Are You Funnier Than Scott Burgess?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
ask the best and brightest are you funnier than scott burgess

Soon after the GM – Chrysler mashup was first mooted, TTAC’s resident photochopper Andrei Avarvarii created some Frankensteinian vehicular combinations worthy of the merger. And where TTAC leads, others follow. Car and Driver attempted the self-same thing. And though pop-pom wielding Detroit News scribe Scott Burgess doesn’t have access to a chopmeister, he’s got a keyboard– and he’s not afraid to use it. The resulting Germanification suggestions for GM – Chrysler monikers and products has none of the panache of Frank Williams’ groundbreaking Yukatahoeburbelade (and others). Still, it’s one thing to say a fellow journalist lacks wit. It’s another to prove it (other than simply pointing at the rival’s work and snickering). And with your help, that’s just what we’ll do. C’mon B&B, show the DetN how it’s done. Here’s where SB’s set the bar…

“Chrysler Astrapen: Fuel economy of an Astra, space of an Aspen.

Chevy Maliburing: Redesign magic of the Malibu but at the cost of the Sebring.

Dodge SilveRamdo: Coil springs for all four wheels.

Jeep Wrangler: No sense in mucking this vehicle up.

Cadillac CTS: Or this one.

Chevy Corvettenger: Buzz of the Challenger, performance of the Corvette.

Saturn Tracadia: Does GMChrysler really need a Chevy, Saturn and GMC large crossover?

Journey DTS: A five passenger crossover that takes you to the airport.

Jeep Commandblazer: Build one and then stop.

Chrysler Volt and Country: An electric minivan would make these transportation boxes trendy again.”

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  • Frank Williams Frank Williams on Oct 25, 2008

    Grand Hummer - Flagship of the newly formed Jeemmer Division Darado - Small pickup replacing Dakota and Colorado El Darado - Caddy's version of same truck Sierramado - Badge-engineered pickup to sell under the Dodge, GMC and Chevy brands Lambdango Yukotahburbascalade - Single SUV/CUV to replace all large SUVs/CUVs - Lambda quads, Durango, Yukon, Tahoe, Suburban, Aspen and Escalade. To be sold by all divisions with at least three different overlapping trim levels for each. Impalacrobringer - All-purpose front wheel drive four door sedan to keep the rental companies happy.

  • Pariah Pariah on Oct 25, 2008

    I prefer my previously coined "Ramerado" moniker.

  • Jeff Puthuff Jeff Puthuff on Oct 25, 2008

    Frank is the master. I can't top "Lambdango Yukotahburbascalade"

  • Joeaverage Joeaverage on Oct 28, 2008

    I'm sitting here trying to pronouce that... VBG! I'm all for having 11 unique CUVs, 17 unique SUVs, and a dozen sedans or coupes if the sales are there to support it. It's the rebadging that gets on my nerves.