Arizona Freeway Speed Cameras Deploy Statewide

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Faced with one of the tightest budget crunches in its history, the state of Arizona is wasting no time in deploying its newly authorized freeway speed cameras. Redflex Traffic Systems runs the photo radar program in return for an expected cut of $20,361,300. In Phoenix, the Australian company has activated a number of fixed camera systems in the past week. Seven cameras are now active on Interstate 10, seven on the 101 and three on 51. In Mesa, three cameras are ready to begin ticketing on 60. In total, Redflex expects to deploy 100 fixed and mobile cameras. Each camera can generate thousands of $181 tickets for the state’s general fund. The state estimates that fiscal 2009 will see 428,839 citations worth $77.6 million. In the following year, the number will grow to 571,785 tickets worth $103,493,085. The state’s contract with Redflex provides an option to double the revenue by increasing the total number of cameras to 200.

Video taken by a local activist shows an entire fleet of mobile camera SUVs being prepared in the Australian company’s parking lot, all painted in the colors of an official highway patrol vehicle. The employee section of the Redflex parking lot showed no signs of a budget crunch. Vehicles included an $80k BMW 7-series and BMW Z4 convertible. As Redflex has the first choice of deciding who is and is not guilty of speeding under the new freeway program, employees have the technical ability to exempt themselves from automated speeding tickets. This may be a side benefit to the Redflex worker with a personalized license plate reading: REVHEAD.

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  • RogerB34 RogerB34 on Oct 31, 2008

    Drive the limit or less best solution. Cameras a way to control anarchy on the highway. Good idea.

  • Xennady Xennady on Nov 01, 2008

    McCain is a US senator and has no legal authority over the government of the state of Arizona. The governor of that state is democrat Janet Napolitano. Blame her for the cameras, not McCain.

  • Pch101 Pch101 on Nov 01, 2008
    The governor of that state is democrat Janet Napolitano. Blame her for the cameras, not McCain. Legislators create laws -- governors can only lobby for what they want and veto what they oppose. Both chambers of the Arizona state legislature are majority Republican.

  • Jenny Jenny on Nov 13, 2008

    i came up with some questions on the way they implemented this. if you look at ADOT, they're all about alleviating congestion, manage freeway conditions, etc.. They have good intentions, but the system is so flawed that they didn't really think of how to address some scenarios. Imagine, they've got 55&65mph limit on i-10 alone.. Worst of all is that the speed limit changes all through out.. atleast from where i saw - Dysart to Mesa alone, it changes from 55 to 65 mph - so tricky! congestion & manage freeway conditions etc HA!