UAW Boss Criticizes McCain Prius Purchase

uaw boss criticizes mccain prius purchase

That’s right folks, a surrogate for Obama’s campaign is criticizing the decision to purchase a Prius hybrid, so beloved by Obama supporters. Of course, there’s only one person in America that isn’t allowed to buy Priora without criticism, and that’s Obama’s opponent, John McCain. Or is that his daughter, Meghan McCain? In today’s Freep, UAW boss Ron Gettelfinger brings Decision 08 discourse to a new low, accusing the McCains of dishonesty about the purchase of a non-UAW-made Prius. Last year, McCain told the New York Times that he “ought to know the name” of his daughter’s Japanese hybrid, because he paid for it himself. Now, McCain says Meghan purchased the Prius herself, and Gettelfinger is crying flip-flop. “To us, it’s a credibility issue,” Gettelfinger tells the Freep. “It’s very insulting to try and skirt something as simple as whether or not you bought a particular vehicle.” So Gettelfinger thinks McCain is a union-busting, America-hating liar. Clearly the McCain camp isn’t too worried about the charges since they haven’t commented on Gettelfinger’s attack. Or maybe they just know that all the money actually belongs to Cindy. In any case, it’s obvious what this is really about. Obama has come out in favor of all $50b of the proposed Detroit bailout, earning him the UAW’s endorsement, but McCain isn’t all-in yet. The UAW boss says McCain “was late coming to the game on the retooling loans. He’s never been clear from our standpoint on his level of support.” In short, the Prius attack is just another way to drum up blind, knee-jerk support for an ill-advised a bailout. You stay classy, Ron Gettelfinger!

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  • Lewissalem Lewissalem on Sep 14, 2008

    Hey Gettelfinger, I've got a wonderful nugget of news for you. Nobody cares! You are about as relevant as Milli Vanilli.

  • Mekira Mekira on Sep 14, 2008

    Has anyone ever realized that the chauffeur-mobile of choice for almost ALL Washington employees are humongous gas-gulping GM SUVs? Not sensible at all, being that those people on the Hill are the masters of the CAFE standards and such. Put your money where your mouth is.

  • Eng_alvarado90 This is not something I'd take in a Cadillac but feels about right in a mid-sized pickup. Again if 8t works on the 1500s why not in the Colorado? No bot whatsoever, either you haven't logged in lately or have no clue
  • SCE to AUX The headline is incorrect - GM filed for trademarks, not patents.
  • FreedMike In unrelated news, my left shoulder has gotten used to me patting it with my right hand, while saying “man, were you smart for buying last year before this all got out of hand.”
  • FreedMike I’d like to say I’m outraged and won’t buy anything from GM, but aside from a Stingray or a CT5 V Blackwing, they don’t make a damn thing I want anyway.
  • FreedMike Well, given that the plastic “wrap,” featuring any number of colors ranging from off-the-wall to utterly obnoxious, is now a thing, maybe these guys figured they’d get a piece of the action.