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All the “pimp daddies and the people rollin’ up in caddies” (to quote from Limp Bizkit) know by now that their beloved DTSes and STSes are about to join the dinosaurs in the tar pit of history. However, in an attempt to prove that there is life after death, GM bosses decided to mix the ashes of the previously mentioned acronyms into one modern “high-end performance sedan.” (I sincerely hope they won’t be calling it HPS. Cadillac concept cars have cool silky names like Imaj, Cien, Evoq. On the other hand, the production versions seem to be baptized each after an unfortunate Scrabble match.) In the attempt to figure out how this new Cadillac could look, I turned to the “resurrected” Cadillac brand”s finest hour: the Sixteen concept. Of course, 16 cylinders and a snooker table-sized hood aren’t considered cool anymore. So I’ve blinged-down the HPS to try to keep it under the environmentalist radar. As for Art & Science, I’m sorry. I just can’t imagine this thing as an incarnation of the Imaj. I’m confident the new Cadillac is going to be better looking than the cars that will die so it can live. The idea that the HPS could be uglier than the STS and DTS is simply beyond my imagination.

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22 Comments on “TTAC Photochop: New Cadillac STS/DTS Replacement...”

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    Of course, 16 cylinders and a snooker table-sized hood aren’t considered cool anymore.

    Says who? Oh yeah…the government.

    Anyway…great looking rendering….If only Cadillac would hire you, maybe we’d have a shot at such a gorgeous sedan. Put the CTS-V’s LSA motor in there, and I’m in.

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    that is one smokin’ hot looking ride. beautiful!

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    Now if they made THAT car with RWD they’d have something to boast about. We can dream can’t we?

    doctorv8, the government isn’t telling anyone on that one – it’s the price at the pump. That’s what destroyed the SUV and pickup craze, not the government.

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    I don’t expect GM to make this car. What I expect is for the Japanese to copy it and make this car.

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    John R

    @ blindfaith

    I don’t expect GM to make this car.

    Yeah, they would need…what’s that called…taste!

    What I expect is for the Japanese to copy it and make this car.

    All new Infiniti Q coming soon, in 5 years +/-.

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    So the 35 mpg CAFE requirement and upcoming EU C02 regs aren’t the government’s doing?

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    The Sixteen is so beautiful, it’s hard to believe the concept car came out 5 years ago, like an eon ago in automotive terms.

    That was a close call for GM…building cars people want!

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    Love it!

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    Reminds me faintly of the late 60’s Toronado. Not a bad thing though. We need something to bust out of the cookie cutter car designs we have now. I like alot of the current cars too but all of them are too closely related.

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    I like it- a little more of the “art” and a little less of the “science”

    The next CTS (and the CTS coupe) could benefit greatly from your subtle “softening”.

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    Obviously, this would never see production: you forgot the fender vents.

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    Somebody send that to Bob Lutz and tell him to put GM’s 6.0L V8 hybrid under the hood. Base model could use the direct-injection 6. People will buy that car.

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    I like the profile but I’m not sure about the lights in the front. They look like the came right off an Escalade, a little to big. Maybe it will grow on me. It’s much cleaner and smarter looking than the current CTS, real classy, but those lights. Maybe they wont grow on me.

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    Usta Bee

    The only way that Detroit can compete or hope to beat the Japanese is with daring, attractive, well styled cars.

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    Epic win!

    I’d hit it, then give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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    Urgh. Still clearly not my cuppa.

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    Thumbs up! I feel the Sixteen should have hit production; a top-tier Cadillac would have helped to greatly improve the brand’s status in the luxury field.

    Sadly, GM still talks about bringing Cadillac downmarket, which I feel is the exact opposite of what GM should be doing.

    As a sidenote, the C-pillar and rear end of this photo remind me a lot of the late 80s Cadillac Voyage concept. Weird…

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    I like it, too! I think what you’ve drawn is probably fairly close to what will eventually be produced by Cadillac as their flagship, something in between the Cadillac 16 Concept and the current CTS. Sizewise, it would be in between today’s current DTS and Lincoln’s Town Car.

    GM’s high content 3.6 liter V-6 would make a good entry-level engine and 6.0 liter V-8s from the Corvette would make good options. All on an improved and long-wheelbase version of the Holden chassis that is currently used on the Pontiac G8 (and the Chinese market Buick Park Avenue).

    I would like to see Cadillac revive the “Fleetwood” name. Knowing GM they’d probably end up calling it the “FTS”.

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    The car looks interesting. I say consider the G8 with a better interior and comfy ride to replace the STS. Saves money, good car, maybe not quite Bimmer Material but do these kind of cars make money for the company?

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    The Chrysler Imperial concept was met with contempt, but this is a passable new model?

    I’m not buying it. You’ve done nothing to the Imperial’s silhouette and you’re attempting to call it a Cadillac?!?! Back to the drawing board Mr. Avartii.

    Cadillac will not build the Imperial.

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    Odd, I didn’t realize Mr. Magoo knew about TTAC. That screen name ‘iNeon’ ain’t fooling anyone.

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    @ iNeon

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