Daily Podcast: Ferrari Enzos and Camera Phones

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
daily podcast ferrari enzos and camera phones

This past Sunday, while driving around the feudal kingdom that is Long Island, I spotted five Ferraris. They weren’t coming from a show – just rich people doing their rich people activities. With a huge concentration of wealth in the New York metro area, this shouldn’t come as a tremendous surprise. Yet despite growing up here, it still makes me shake my head and think “Nice day for a cruise. That dick.” But this particular Sunday was different, because one of the five Ferraris I saw was an Enzo. I always thought the Enzo was ugly, especially compared to its contemporary competitor, the Porsche Carrera GT (which I also saw on Sunday, I kid you not). But in person, it most definitely does have an aura. The license plate – “1 of 399” – tells you just how rare they are. That wasn’t 399 Enzos for a year; it was the whole production run. So I made a u-turn and pulled into the shopping center where the owner was eating lunch and likely thinking about buying Moldovia. And then you know what I did? I lined up with a herd of 13 year old boys and took pictures on my camera phone. The best of the pictures is included here. It’s awful. It’s bad for a camera phone. But as they say on the internet, “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

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  • Ckb Ckb on Sep 11, 2008

    J Lieberman: True, but in this case I meant that MY response was to be a worthless "me too" post, not the podcast. Sorry for the confusion, please carry on with more stories about exotic cars I'll never drive, much less own (note: no sarcasm intended).

  • Nopanegain Nopanegain on Sep 11, 2008
    Wow, you just floored me with the detail of knowledge there. Although in this case, the Carrera GT I saw was a different owner, as it was within a minute of the Enzo sighting. As for where I saw it, it was in East Norwich. Or more precisely, in a small strip of stores on the westbound side of 25A, just west of the intersection with 106 (near that Chas Rothman steakhouse). Hi Justin- I recognized the area from the photo. Drop me an e-mail at my screename + @aol.com for the rest of the scoop. PS- Hope you enjoyed something at Messina Marketplace also...it is a good (albeit expensive) deli.

  • Carsinamerica Carsinamerica on Sep 12, 2008

    Saw a Saleen S7 in the wild in northern Cali. Now that's rare. What are there, 100 total or something?

  • Jimhead07 Jimhead07 on Sep 12, 2008

    A few years ago I worked for an automotive parts supplier and I had the extreme fortune of taking a business trip to Ferrari's assembly facility in Modena. During the lunch hour one of the employees showed me around the floor, and I got to see where they did final assembly of the Enzo. I saw a guy pushing around an entire unibody frame on carts, all by himself. Outside there was a corral filled with crash-tested Ferraris and Maseratis. That turned my stomach. I didn't bring a camera, though, as that's strictly forbidden at any car company.