Land Rover Donates 60 Vehicles to Red Cross

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
land rover donates 60 vehicles to red cross

The expression "doing well by doing good" is totally hot in business/academia. This Third Way thinking attempts to reconcile the [allegedly] conflicting notions of "making enough money to buy a Ferrari and a house in the Hamptons" and "getting enough props for being socially responsible to keep the trophy wife happy." As your average Land Rover belches-out enough CO2 to offend every environmental group on planet earth, Land Rover's got to hold a pity party to make their PC bones. And so they have, by donating 60 vehicles (48 Defenders, eight Discoveries and four Freelanders) to the British Red Cross (BRC) and other national Red Cross societies in "troubled" countries (Sierra Leone, Mongolia, Liberia, Lesotho, South Africa). Accepting the gift, Sir Nicholas Young, the CEO of the BRC, remarked that the people they help are often "in the places that are hardest to reach." True dat. And we applaud both the positive impact of this largesse and its PR efficacy. Every time the BBC shows all hell breaking loose somewhere, the guys handing out medical supplies and food are in a butch Defender 110. Our only question: why didn't Land Rover ship some free vehicles to the Red Cross (or other worthy group) in Tata's Indian pridelands?

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  • Andy D Andy D on Jul 09, 2008

    Well, whatever blows your skirt up. Was there a vehicle in that picture?

  • BlueBrat BlueBrat on Jul 09, 2008

    When the day comes that my commute is ~5 miles to/from work, I will gladly pay $6995 for one.

  • Shaker Shaker on Jul 09, 2008

    Ahh, to be a fog light...

  • Musah Musah on Jul 09, 2008

    Currently being in africa, where "troubled" countries mostly reside, most if not all of the Red Cross fleet are mostly Land Cruisers. Where did this Defender 110 whatever come from?