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2010taurus2.jpgNot long ago, persons unknown snapped a picture of a full-size clay model of Ford's next Taurus, taken deep within Ford's secret hilltop fortress (unleashing the dogs of law on the websites that published it). Today, we bring you a computer rendering by photochopper Joshua Byrne, who riffed on the spy shot to give us an idea what the 2010 Taurus (yup there's that date again) will look like. Take it away Jason: "Design wise, the next generation Taurus blends in elements of Ford Europe's Kinetic design theme with a watered down version of the Ford Interceptor concept car, albeit looking a bit Camry'ish in the side profile. The three bar grill has evolved into something less Gillette razor-like, with less chrome and more detailing. Overall the 2010 Taurus is nothing too radical, but it should have the appeal that the current car doesn't." Like it wouldn't. [Note to Andrei: You're still The Man.]

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21 Comments on “Photochop: 2010 Ford Taurus...”

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    Hmmm, looks like some of the inspiration was taken from the Euro Mondeo…..and that’s a good thing.

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    I know nobody, other tham myself, likes the Taurus, and I am excited about the changes.
    However, this picture has me worried about the trunk.
    It looks like it is riding on a shortened end…is it?

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    I also am excited about the new Taurus, but I also noted that trunk seems Photochopped off . . .

    Will they downsize the new Taurus or will they still go for the full- size car thang? I vote for a full-size car.

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    That is a very nice rendition and I truly hope Ford succeeds with this car.

    At 25 I’d buy one for the family sedan (family isn’t here yet), heck I think the current Taurus is probably one of the best values on the market, especially with AWD. Nice roomy, and efficient, American sedan with some excellent underpinnings.

    I still remember when my dad came home with an 86 Taurus, the MT-5 model, and I was only 3. I just kept staring at it…especially as it sat next to a bunch of Squaremonts. I was definitely hooked on cars, and Fords, at that time. That Taurus lasted 120k miles and was traded in on a 91 SHO.

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    I like the looks of this and the clay image we saw a while back. I hope when it’s finally debuted it looks more like this.

    As for the current one – too big. The Taurus used to be in the mid-size range, now its a full-size car. The only problem I see with Ford downsizing it is that it would compete too much with the Fusion.

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    “86 Taurus, the MT-5 model”

    I bought one of those brand new myself. At the time I was a 25 year old recently married guy with a job that often required me to take customers to lunch. It was a great vehicle at a great price.

    I had a hard time convincing the salesman that yes, I really wanted a manual transmission. With the manual transmission that old four banger was up to the job, but when strapped to a slush-o-matic the 4 cylinder Taurus was a dog. By picking the Mazda sourced manual transmission I also avoided the horrible reliability problems of those earlier Taurus autoboxes. That car gave me over 100,000 miles and then went on to give my sister another 100k.

    The current Taurus is so much better of a car than the Impala that it pains me to see Impala outselling it. But then, who knows how many of those Impala sales are to the rental fleets.

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    Ralph SS

    In regards to the caption…

    It would appear that Ford is doing a lot of good things and IMO is on it’s way to being saved. This car, assuming a successful launch, will help more.

    Interesting that TEXN3 mentioned the MT-5, which was a 4-pot, 5-spd version of the original. I was wondering how this models introduction would be timed compared to the Eco-Boost thing. I’m betting the car will be Camry sized. If Fords new found reliability continues, this car could be a better car all the way around. Camry reliability, but with a personality.

    I (and probably a lot of America) will be watching. I’ll be looking for SHO version, too.

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    handsome. ideally ready by the Fall of 09, or sooner, and with efficient engine choices and a wagon bodystyle. Given TTACer’s comments, Ford may have more of a hit on it’s hands than it knows.

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    Dave M.

    and a wagon bodystyle

    Absolutely! After 20+ years of driving a small pickup and an SUV, I got a weekend semi-sports car. I forgot how much fun ‘cars’ can be to drive and fling around. That the Accord, Camry and Mazda6 all dropped their (granted, low-selling) body styles for tall cross-overs (CRV/Pilot, RAV-4/Highlander, Tribute/CX-7) and adding $3-5k for the priviledge I guess was a smart business move….but left us wagon-lovers out in the cold. Yes, the Passat has one (classy-looking too….), but the other thing I demand out of my cars besides driving fun is reliability and expense of repair…two things VW isn’t known for.

    So here’s to a Taurus wagon…..

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    The new Taurus will be D3-2 (just like the MKS and Flex) and will remain about 200 inches long (for reference the Accord is 195, the Camry and Fusion are about 190). The base powerplant will be the current 3.5 – although there are rumblings that they are working on ways to improve power band and mileage – and the optional one will be the 3.5 Ecoboost (and it should be available at launch or very shortly after).

    Eventually, we should see the 2.0 Ecoboost on the Taurus, maybe as early as the 2011 model year. The 2.0 Ecoboost (270hp) should deliver a combined mid-20s for the Taurus.

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    Love child of a Volvo S-80 mated with an Audi.

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    C. Alan

    I like it. I hope they build it.

    I owned a ’05 ford Five Hundred, and it was a great car. The interior was one of the most comfortable I have ever been in.

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    Does anyone know if J Mays is still designing for Ford. After the 500 and Mustang came out, he kinda dropped off the map.

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    Alex Dykes

    That’s a good looking Ford. If the interior is up to par with Ford’s European models I would buy one.

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    I liked it when it was in the spy photo a few weeks back and I like it now. C’mon Ford .. make this thing…. I have an 07′ Fusion that I absolutley love (silver SEL.. best Fusion color) and when the lease is up in ’09, I hope the Taurus in this Photochop is on sale ’cause I’m going to get one.

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    GBG : Does anyone know if J Mays is still designing for Ford. After the 500 and Mustang came out, he kinda dropped off the map.

    I think he’s still there. Supposedly he had a hand on the Ford Flex (Taurus X on steroids) and the Jaguar XF.

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    Euro Focus/Mondeo, a hit of the infamous Taurus oval, and a few lines taken from Aston Martin … that’s a nice look.

    I’ve always thought that Ford should sell their Euro models here … I was constantly surprised by the Fords sold in Europe and Asia. But apparently the domestic labor unions objected.

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    WOW…it warms my heart to hear all the Taurus love!
    So…if so many of you like this AND even the current model, why oh why isn’t it moving!?
    I also believe it to be the best value out their today for a family sedan.
    In fact, nothing comes closein the price range.

    I expect the eco-boost (My God i wish they kept the other name!) in this car and right away.
    I get the feeling they want no more failures with this next change.

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    Nice, but looks like a Volvo

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    It looks really good so far. Much, much nicer than the current model, which is just too bland.

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    Nice job, Ford. Please resist the temptation to make the car too big and too fat. Make sure all the interior stuff looks and feels good. Buy your switchgear from Audi’s suppliers…and charge the extra 30 bucks for it. BTW, the interior door handles must feel solid. Look to the MKZ as the feel NOT to replicate…

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