GM Board of Directors Hearts CEO Rick Wagoner

gm board of directors hearts ceo rick wagoner

"Despite GM's troubles, Mr. Fisher, a former Eastman Kodak Co. chairman, said the board supports Mr. Wagoner and believes GM has the 'best management team to get us through these difficult times,'" reports The Wall Street Journal [sub]. "He pointed to solid products and strong international growth as benchmarks of Mr. Wagoner's success." George Fisher retired as CEO of Eastman Kodak in 1999. From The New York Times on the eve of that auspicious occasion: "Q. There are those who view your tenure at Kodak as a terrible disappointment. Do you feel you've failed? A. Not at all. I remember telling Roberto it would take three years to get Kodak on track. He said it would take five, and O.K., it's taken closer to seven. But the fact is, I've accomplished everything I set out to do. I get angry when I get mail from people complaining about my performance, or when members of the press select the quotes they use to paint negative stories… Q. But you are losing $100 million a year in digital, and shareholders are clearly unimpressed. A. You call it losses, I call it investment." Back to the WSJ and GM: "Another GM board member, Kent Kresa, said in a phone conversation Tuesday night that GM 'management has a handle on the situation.'" Kresa was CEO of Northrop Grumman Corporation from 1990 to 2003. Kresa saved Northrop by merging it with Grumman, buying 15 other defense contractors and instituting ruthless cost-cutting. His faith in Wagoner's unspecified turnaround plan reflects Kresa's seat-of-the-pants, high stakes poker management style, and faith in political influence peddling. So now you know.

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  • Powerglide Powerglide on May 29, 2008

    Didn't RF previously speculate that GM's Board had taken on Clintonista Erskine "Irksome" Bowles to smooth things over (a bailout?) with a President Hillary ? If so, perhaps Obama or McCain have trusted associates who are currently between projects...

  • Kjc117 Kjc117 on May 29, 2008

    I heard Wagoner speak at a "green" conference in Cal. He did a great job considering Green and GM are really compatible. Plus, Cal. does not heart GM cars. Wagoner is quite intelligent and articulate then there is that mouth Lutz.

  • Skippity Noticeable as an Paseo. Maybe I'll see it differently live.
  • Tagbert I had this JX, though mine was a 5-speed in dark green. Got it when I lived in the mountains in Colorado. That was a fun little beast. Not super fast, but it could go just about anywhere. Put it into the low speed on the transfer case and that thing would just creep forward. The interior was not fancy but it held up well to lots of outdoor activities. I could hold lots of gear. Later when I moved away, it still proved useful. I was an unofficial “roadie” for my boyfriend and his band. Could get all their gear into it. The in-town gas mileage was around 25 mph which is pretty good. On the downside, the highway mileage was maybe 26 mph 😊.
  • Skippity I had a 308 in the 80's. Said Matchbox on the bottom.
  • ToolGuy When The Grand Tour covered the Manx way back in 2016, my first thought was "That would make an ideal EV candidate." Range is not an issue, lightweight, torquey, quiet and harmonious with nature (to the end user).Could I be a prophet??
  • BetterOne Not sure where you got your info from, Corey, but in North America the 2020 Cadenza continued on with the direct-injected 3.3L Lambda II V6. Apart from a larger infotainment screen, the 2020 was notably decontented from the prior model, too - no HUD or power rear sunshade, for example.