GM Heads Off Strike Over Two-Tier Implementation

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
gm heads off strike over two tier implementation

The Detroit News reports that GM has reached an agreement with UAW workers in Parma, OH over new, union-negotiated, two-tier wage structure. The sticking point: the definition of "core" (higher tier) and "non-core" (lower tier) jobs. While the accord still needs final approval from the United Auto Workers' (UAW) 1600 local members, its ends the threat of a strike at the plant which makes Cobalt components. That leaves four more union locals still threatening to walk over job designations. GM is negotiating with the remaining discontented union locals, which are nearing the end of their five-day strike warnings. Look for GM to try to put out these remaining fires as the week winds to a close; the ongoing American Axle strike has left the General highly vulnerable to any supply shocks.

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