Ghosn is a Quash Guy: Nixes Chrysler – Renault Merger Rumors

Jonny Lieberman
by Jonny Lieberman
ghosn is a quash guy nixes chrysler 8211 renault merger rumors

We've heard this somewhere before… but it wasn't Chrysler… Oh, right! Nearly two years ago, Renault-Nissan CEPO Carlos Ghosn was making noise about joining/purchasing/dismantling General Motors (at the behest of the Lion of Las Vegas, investor Kirk Kerkorian). GM CEO Rick Wagoner Wagoner circled his Board of Bystanders' wagons and GM was free to tank on its own. As the Motor Authority reports, it's the same story here kids. Anyway, Renault is hoping to make out like a bandit with its 25 percent ownership of longstanding Russian [s]punchline[/s] automaker Lada. As Carlos puts it. "Russian car sales may surpass Germany to become Europe's largest single market this year." Also, they may not. Either way, Renault may start supplying Lada with platforms and drivetrains. Presumably it'll be the same entry level stuff Renault-Nissan is giving Chrysler to sell in South America. Wait, what? Anyone else confused?

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  • VerbalKint VerbalKint on Mar 06, 2008

    FWIW-- the husband of an acquaintence of mine is, as a Chrysler engineer, going to Nippon to design cars with Nissan for about a year+1/2.

  • Truthbetold37 Truthbetold37 on Mar 06, 2008

    If Nissan is still serious about trucks there will be some kind of joint venture.

  • Jthorner Jthorner on Mar 06, 2008

    Nissan needs some way to get out of the US 1/2 ton truck market. The Titan is a dud and it isn't worth the money to try and keep it competitive. The Armada is also a dud. Both are in a shrinking market segment. A JV with Chrysler on trucks makes sense only if Chrysler has a good chance of surviving, which seems sketchy. Someone would buy Jeep, but the rest simply isn't worth anything. The Chrysler-Dodge product lineup is without a doubt the worst in the US marketplace, by a lot. They don't have a single vehicle worthy of being ranked or even argued for as first or second in class. Not one. Other than the employees and people with warranty claims, nobody in the car market would miss C-D if they closed down tomorrow.

  • SAAB95JD SAAB95JD on Mar 07, 2008

    jthorner is totally correct... nobody would miss either Nissan's large trucks, nor Chrysler's cars/trucks... only the Voyager/Town & Country and the Jeep BRAND (not necessarily their total rubbish Compass and Patriot)