Cadillac Launches Its First Ever Station Wagon

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
cadillac launches its first ever station wagon

A brief recap. When it began, Caddy was truly, no joke, I swear to God, the standard of the world. After the Depression, not so much. After the Oil Crisis, not at all. Since then, close but no cigar. And then, with the Saabilac BLS (sold in the Eurozone, Mexico and South Africa), not even close. While I still consider the new CTS sports sedan the finest Pontiac ever built, I'll spot you that one. But how about this: the $42k Cadillac BLS Station Wagon. Why, you ask? "Launching the first-ever wagon in Cadillac's history gave us the opportunity to revise the 2008 BLS Saloon model line-up to enhance our presence in the premium UK market," Cadillac UK head Jonathan Nash told just-auto [sub]. What presence? The BLS is a sales catastrophe; it barely racked-up double digit monthly sales. Seriously, they can't even sell a thousand of them. And yet, hope– like Caddy's brand defilement– springs eternal. Fleet sales! "The two new engines – the 180ps diesel and the 200ps Flexpower petrol/bioethanol unit – give us an opportunity to highlight the upgraded models' attributes to the business market." Meanwhile, Henry M. Leyland has just completed his forty-fifth grave spin.

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  • Hltguy Hltguy on Jan 27, 2008

    A blinged out Caddy wagon, perfect for the aging gangsta set in So Cal, they of many kids and women. Perhaps this is one way forr GM to get some of their lost urban market back. Now that is planning from the Detroit boys.

  • BKW BKW on Jan 28, 2008

    While their have been no production Caddy wagons...Bowman & Swartz and Hess & Eisenhardt, among others, built custom bodied Cadillac station wagons for (mostly) film stars. btw: It's Leland, as in Henry Martyn, not Leyland. Leland was not only the long time President and Chief Engineer of Cadillac (nee FoMoCo), but the founder of the Lincoln Motor Car Company.

  • Ssgrader Ssgrader on Jul 30, 2009

    one problem with this whole story is you need to do a bit more research ... Cadilac had built and sold station wagons fom the 1950's up to 1979/80 yes extreemly low numbers but there still out there ......... i have a friend that owns one I dont like this new one GM has realy messed up their entire company.... sad very sad

  • Jeff Puthuff Jeff Puthuff on Jul 30, 2009

    ssgrader, I'm pretty sure all Caddy wagons (including hearses) were custom built, not production, vehicles.