Two Strikes And Yer Out!

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

England continues their jihad against driving speeding. Pistonheads relates a report in the Times newspaper that some ministers want to increase the penalties for speeding. A single violation would result in six points and a £100 fine. Under the existing "totting-up" system, motorists caught exceeding the speed limit as few as two times could be banned from driving for six months. Under the new law, the 1.1m drivers who already have six points on their license would be banned immediately for one more speeding offense. With all the speed cameras already blanketing the country, it won't be hard identifying the ne'er-do- wells. It must be comforting living in a country where the crime rate is so low they can focus so much law enforcement effort on minor driving violations.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • Frank Williams Frank Williams on Nov 10, 2007

    Stephan Wilkinson :
    Wonder what the U. S. laws are re. people flashing their headlights to warn oncoming drivers that they’re approaching a speed trap, which is pretty universal here.
    Wait, why am I wondering? In the era of the Patriot Act, the strictures of which mean that I am by definition a terrorist, or at least an enemy, I should know that at the least it could get you “detained.”

    From NPR's All Things Considered, November 5, 2003:

    NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Harlie "Bill" Walker, from Franklin, Tenn. Mr. Walker flashed his car headlights at other motorists this past August to warn of a speed trap ahead. The city said Walker had violated an ordinance, and fined him $10 plus court costs. He and a town attorney appealed to the circuit court, where Judge Russ Heldman cleared Walker of all charges, saying that flashing lights to warn of a police officer is protected by the First Amendment.

    That was post-Patriot Act so I guess it would still stand up today.

  • Dave Dave on Nov 10, 2007

    Here in the land of the "mother of parliaments", we all know that the cameras are revenue raising devices - mechanised tax generators, the the left-wing anti-car brigade trot out the old mantra speed kills - it's all so tiresome. Ok - points on your licience in th UK last 3, yes three years. There's been a case recently where a retired gentleman toook the points for his son so his boiy could keep his job. They were found out and the old man was jailed - peverting the course of justice". he was lucky - could have been done by the Prevntion of Trerrorism Act. BTW - as well as our wonderful fixed camera, e too have the mobile ones, affectionately known as "Talivans". For complete picture of the position of the state vs the motorist, spend some time here Is it any wonder that emmigration from Britain is one of our very few growth industries.

  • Hal Hal on Nov 11, 2007

    Here's a link to the Times article: "Those caught driving at 45mph or above in a 30mph limit are likely to receive a higher-rate fixed penalty of six points and a £100 fine, up from the existing flat rate of three points and a £60 fine....The higher penalty is also likely to apply to drivers caught at 57mph or above on a 40mph road and 94mph or above on a 70mph road" In most areas those speeds wouldn't be considered minor violations. Policing isn't zero sum. I hate fixed speed cameras but they do free up police resources to do more catching of proper crooks. Speeding is a quality of life issue like littering or graffiti. I want my kid to be able to ride his trike around the block or my wife to go out jogging and not worry about some dick losing control of his car and skewering a passerby as happened recently in my neighborhood.

  • Jason Moy Jason Moy on Nov 13, 2007

    Hey all you Americans laughing at the Brits, cameras are coming to the US. Where I live in Tidewater region of VA, red-light cameras are being installed right now at busy intersections. It will only be a matter of time before speed cameras are set up. To be frank, I don't mind if they'er set up in neighborhoods, if you want to speed, a cramped 2-lane street is not the place to drop the hammer. But the thought of speed cameras on the interstate system, aaaaghhh!!! that gives me chills! I would probably affix a cardboard cutout of Hitler on at least one of those cameras if they ever came to my neck of woods, would get a good laugh anyway...