BMW New Lord of the 'Ring

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
bmw new lord of the ring

The Pagani Zonda F Clubsport has been unseated as the king of The Nürburgring. The former production car record-holder was beaten by a modified BMW M3 CSL that lapped the 12.9 mile Nordschleif in 7 minutes 22.8 seconds. The Bimmer bested the zoftic Zonda by a full five seconds, in spite of weighing 400 pounds more and giving up 70 horsepower to the German-Italian hybrid. If you're interested in owning the corner-carving record-holder, Autobackstage reports it's for sale on Getting it into the country past customs and the EPA is your problem.

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  • Heep Heep on Nov 27, 2007

    Is that valid? Stock car vs. modified car?

  • Johnson Johnson on Nov 27, 2007

    Yet another incorrect story by the media. This particular record-holding M3 CSL is NOWHERE near stock/production car. It's heavily modified with many custom-made parts. First and foremost, the engine is supercharged with many custom parts. The old record for fastest production car on the 'Ring still stands. As for the fastest vehicle on 4 wheels at the 'Ring, that record again still holds and this M3 CSL came nowhere close to *that* record. This whole story to me looks like a scheme to advertise/market the car in order to sell for some ridiculous price.

  • DrBrian DrBrian on Nov 27, 2007

    I wonder how one would get Race slicks past an MOT?

  • Virtual Insanity Virtual Insanity on Nov 29, 2007

    I'd love to have one, but I may offend people for buying a product that is made by a company that used slave labor in the past. Wait, I might offend someone? Shit, put me at the top of that list!