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stacey-and-lucy-026.jpgThe Evening Leader (Wrexham, Wales, UK) reports that a road safety-oriented theatrical production called "Wasted" has kids swearing off cars. After watching the multi-media production designed to warn children about the dangers of drug driving at the Ysgol Clywedog school, "One pupil was heard to say 'I'm not getting into anybody's car again', a statement many others echoed." In a telephone interview with TTAC [below], the head of the Walking Forward Theater Company, says the play's message is not anti-car or anti-drugs. "We're trying to get people to use cars in a responsible way," asserts Gavin Payne. "and indeed, if they have to use drugs, [to] use drugs in a responsible way and not mix the two." Payne's Walking Forward theater company claims to have exposed millions of UK theater goers to road safety dramas, including thousands of British soldiers, and welcomes any U.S. or Canadian campaigners interested in setting-up a similar program across the pond. 

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9 Comments on “UK Road Safety Campaigners Get Wasted...”

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    “and indeed, if they have to use drugs, [to] use drugs in a responsible way…”

    ’cause, you know, sometimes you just *have* to use drugs.

    UK safety campaigners have ME swearing off the UK.

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    “One pupil was heard to say ‘I’m not getting into anybody’s car again’, a statement many others echoed.”

    Um, nonetheless I predict they will all ride in cars after all — lots of times.

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    A bad experience broke my cousin of DUI. He got stoned and had to take his friend across town. He said he was drive about 10MPH, crying hysterically. He said it felt like he was going 100MPH through town. He didn’t stop getting in cars (like the UK kids said), or stop doing drugs (as good sense would dictate), but he did stop mixing the two.

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    While Cannabis (since it seems it’s what we’re talking about here) is less dangerous than alcohol when it comes to driving, it’s still extremely dangerous, a fact many young smokers forget.
    I’ve seen guys refusing to ride with someone who had 2 beers, but happily going behind the wheel after 2 joints. Not good.
    It’s not a website about drugs and law enforcement, but suffice to say that if anybody feels the need to get high/inebriated/consume any kind of narcotics, that person would be well inspired to stay home after, or at the worst take the bus home.

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    AKM: I agree. I have had enough driving infractions while being stone sober. I would probably be dead if I had made the choices that some of my friends have made.

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    sounds like weed and autocross would mix well, though.

    you’re driving 10mph feeling like you’re flying 100+ and having the time of your life…

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    NICKNICK: I just hope I’m never reincarnated as one of those cones. :^)

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    It is very possible to use drugs in a responsible way, there’s no need to mock that NICKNICK. The reality is that some people do choose to use drugs, and if so, they should do so safely. That’s hardly a strange proposition, it’s realistic. Just like teaching methods of contraception in schools as opposed to abstinence, it’s reality, and it’s smart learning.

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    It’s also self control. Most people can’t control their eat habbits in the US let alone…anything else.

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