Daily Podcast: Planning a New Hatch

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

I'm somewhat proud that the first Survivor winner was a fellow Rhode Islander. As is the case with many successful Ocean State natives (e.g. former Providence Mayor and current radio talk show host Vincent "Buddy" Cianci), Mr. Hatch's brilliant career has been temporarily interrupted by criminal proceedings; he's spending a little quality time in federal prison on a tax evasion conviction. Even so, Hatch's success on the CBS' prototype reality game show (talk about an oxymoronic expression) contained an important lesson for students of corporate gamesmanship. As Richard stated during his post-game interviews, "I was the only person actually playing the game. Everyone else was so wrapped-up in themselves they forgot why they were there." Hatch's wisdom returned to me when I was trying to understand why both Nardelli at Chrysler and Mulally at Ford are setting about fixing their employers' broken business at a pace that makes a snail's progress seem supersonic. I reckon the two "outsiders" have fallen victim to the same Imperial fug that's enveloped GM's Wagoner– and every Detroit auto industry CEO for the last fifty plus years. Yes, they're all there, talking the talk. But when you look at their product plans, marketing, dealer relations and, especially, union relations, it's clear someone's still throwing rose petals in their path. What these guys need is a REAL kick in the ass. Chapter 11 ought to do it.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Sk8inkid Sk8inkid on Oct 11, 2007

    no way, I live in RI too! Wow so cool, one of my fav websites has an editor in RI. How many more of u editors are??? :-D

  • DearS DearS on Oct 12, 2007

    Same here, Providence, RI. I assumed Farago was from Conn. I wonder how much (depth) we have in common. I do not believe we need to focus on what Detroit needs, Whats important is what we need/want. We want competence at the helm of Detroit. We also need/want progress in automobiles and things related. We want coherency to a worthwhile degree of excellence, skill, devotion, passion etc etc. Something that works for me is focusing on what I really like, and how that works. I realized I do not need (relatively speaking) to much sportiness or power in my cars. Like the New A4 coming soon, It seems to be the car headed in the direction I really like. Dunno about Quattro, but 110 inch (agility issue?) wheelbase, on a low-ish, wide-ish car with DSG and 265hp sound really good. I expect a relaxed yet progressively thrilling experience with that car. Plus its easy to navigate and luxurious. ALL 3 series cars seem ungraceful in all around day activities. btw. I own an E30, my brother an E36, and his girl an E46. no E90 experience though. Also Farago I agree, the 190E is a awesome car, just not a keeper.

  • BlueBrat BlueBrat on Oct 12, 2007

    There better be a positive Z4 coupe review or I go on strike as a reader!