Nardelli: Chrysler Profitable by 2010

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

The New York Times reports on freshly-minted Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli's "coming out" (their words, I swear). Speaking at last Friday's Associated Press "Scribes who Lunch" affair, Nardelli tucked-in behind the other auto execs bemoaning America's cratering housing market as the bus they DO see coming. As for the one they don't, Boot'em Bob revealed that Chrysler's new board will meet in October to revise the revised turnaround plan authored by the recently demoted Tom "Jump!" LaSorda. Unlike GM's CEO Rick Wagoner's "we'll get there when we get there" timeline, Nardelli said Chrysler will be back in black in three years. As for new product, Nardelli says gimme ten. Meanwhile, for those who suspect that Chrysler owner Cerberus secretly wants to cash-out next Tuesday, Nardelli admitted there might be a little stripping– if no immediate flipping. Boot'em Bob "did not give any specifics about what might be sold but said, 'There is quite a long list.'"

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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