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Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

My career at CNN prepared me for this work. Like TTAC, Ted's 24-hour news channel was an insatiable maw that required constant feeding. Miss a deadline? Never happened. Couldn't happen. You did the best you could within the time frame available and that was that. I soon discovered that quality was not a function of time. CNN's hourly newscasts were as good as the net's daily productions, if not better. Nor was money the deciding difference between "us" and "them". We had a hundredth of NBC's budget; yet we missed nothing. So what made it work? Contrary to some books on the subject, it wasn't esprit de corps— there was far too much alcohol, cocaine, envy and ambition for that. I reckon it was the sheer joy of having a voice. Of being able to say something without a stultifying bureaucracy reigning-in our style, creativity and passion. Obviously, that's changed since then. But freedom of expression has a home here at TTAC. So whenever I wonder how the Hell I'm going to raise this brand out of its ghetto with just one full-time staff member (me), I think back to those crazy days when everyone– everyone— said CNN wouldn't cut it. We didn't believe. We just enjoyed. In other words, sorry I missed yesterday's podcast Justin, and put this one up late. But you gotta admit: it IS fun.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • AKM AKM on Sep 13, 2007
    But freedom of expression has a home here at TTAC That it does, and we thank you for it? But what about the other 4 you mentioned? ;-)
  • Robert Farago Robert Farago on Sep 13, 2007

    Ambition we got.

  • Kazoomaloo Kazoomaloo on Sep 13, 2007

    You worked at CNN? Rock your connections and become a visiting or call-in auto industry expert! The TV time could boost the site, no doubt, your podcasts indicate you got TV chops. Then you can tell the world about this Lexus F series... F as in Fiasco.