GM Canada Rejects CAW's Parking Plan

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

General Motors has rejected a request by the Canadian Autoworkers Union (CAW) to force employees who don't drive a GM-manufactured vehicle to pay a $100 per year parking fee and park at the back of the lot at GM plants. reports plant chairman Keith Osborne told GM president Arturo Elias "people need to understand there are economic consequences that accompany their choice of vehicle." Osborne says he wants to "send a message to our membership that it is important to support the industry." Opposing: Spokesman Stew Low. "It is our desire that consumers will choose GM vehicles because they are high quality, offer the safety features and value… they are looking for. While we appreciate the idea to promote GM cars and trucks, we have decided not to move forward with the idea the union presented as some of those non-GM vehicles may belong to visitors (or) suppliers." The CAW already restricts access to their own parking lots; vehicles not built by General Motors, Chrysler and Ford are banished to Siberia the farthest corner of the parking lot.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • Yankinwaoz Yankinwaoz on Aug 17, 2007

    I think it was, or still is, GM who ordered all employees who rent cars while traveling on company business must demand a GM car. This was a number of years ago (90s?) when I read this. At the time I thought it was the stupidest thing I had every heard. I felt that GM had it totally backwards. They should insist that when renting a car on business, they should rent anything BUT a GM car. The reason is simple. They need to know what they are competing against. They need to experience what the average consumer is experiencing. After all, at the end of the day it is new customers that fund their paycheck. Not the GM travel budget. They need to drive a Toyota, a Ford, a Nissan. Otherwise they simply live inside an isolate echo-chamber and only hear and see their own propaganda.

  • Mikey Mikey on Aug 18, 2007

    Blunozer I know who Ann Rand is and I think I can read the whole book. Johnnycanada So let me get this straight you don't like parking your BMW beside a GM product in the GM employee parking lot?You get door dings? Well johnny I have never knowingly door dinged another car domestic or otherwise,in the employee parking lot or any where else. Not to worry johnny if the current trend of import buying won't have to think about it cause you won't have a job. I'll be the guy standing on the step waving at you as your leaving the plant.for the last time

  • Tankd0g Tankd0g on Aug 18, 2007

    With GM losing money on just about everything they sell, support GM by buying something else.

  • 409 409 on Aug 22, 2007

    This whole thing is a farce. This isn't about foreign vs domestic. If that were the case why are Buzz and boys trying so hard to get Honda and Toyota to unionize? Not only do Honda and Toyota know how to keep the CAW out, the workers at these plants have seen the CAW and UAW drain the life out of the Big 3. The CAW and UAW leaches will die right alongside Ford, GM and Chrysler.