Autoworkers Demand Tripled Pay

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
autoworkers demand tripled pay

The Big 2.8 should consider themselves lucky in their current UAW negotiations if the union just wants keep what they have and not give anything back. The Moscow Times [sub] reports that workers at the AvtoVAZ assembly plant in Togliattigrad, Russia are demanding a pay increase that equals three times their current salaries. Five thousand of the 110k workers at the plant are threatening to strike if they don't get a pay increase of 25K rubles (about $980) per worker. The Times suggests that a strike of that size could effectively shut down the plant which produces, among other things, GM joint venture vehicles. No word yet on whether the UAW plans a show of solidarity in support of their comrades.

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  • Mikey Mikey on Jul 25, 2007

    Its a long ways to go to show support.On the other hand,I kind'a have a taste for Vodka. You gotta like capitalism,40 yrs ago the union leaders would have gone to the gulag,or worse.Today its Solidarity Forever.

  • Glenn 126 Glenn 126 on Jul 26, 2007

    GM needs to take a decision. Hmmm, shall we let the North American operations fold with the UAW strike, and just import cars from Russia? (One catch - the Ruskies want more money for additional Vodka). Hey, I've OWNED a Lada (Avtovaz built new 1967 Fiat - sort of) purchased in the UK. In fact, two of them; 1987 and 1990. Russians are as inept at building cars as the UAW, and worse at designing them (they had to hire Italians to do that, after all). So would that mean Chevy would advertise their cars as American as Apple Pie, Baseball and Borcht? (in order to keep from being sued for false advertising). Heh heh. Roll on Russian Daewoos - whoops Chevrolets!