Precast: Super TT, Paris DUI, RS60 Replica, GM Warranty, CLS Wagon, Renault Show Car

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

It’s one of those happy, clappy news days when pistonheads have a surfeit of stories to investigate from the privacy of their cubicle. I sometimes wonder what creates this compulsive fascination with four-wheeled transportation. The standard take on the subject is that the automobile represents freedom. Supposedly, congestion, high gas prices and environmental responsibility have destroyed this traditional romantic association between the car and the proverbial “open road.” (Personally, I think National Lampoon’s Summer Vacation had a lot to do with it.) But this perceived wisdom fail to realize that the car isn’t just about going towards something new and exciting, it’s about moving away from stuff that drives you nuts: Mom, Dad, the Boss, Wife/Husband, kids, etc. A large part of TTAC’s mission is to help aid this process of escape– if only for ten minutes and three seconds. If you haven’t tried this precast thing, go for it. The only thing you have to lose is the stress of not being behind the wheel.

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  • Jim H Jim H on Sep 07, 2006

    gearhead: I've editted to include him and of my closest friends daughters has initials ktm...I shouldn't have assumed ktm was male or female. :) Thanks!

  • Gearhead455 Gearhead455 on Sep 07, 2006

    JimHinCO: And I can go to JD Powers. Consumer reports only asks the opinion of they’re own subscribers. JDP asks randomly regardless.

  • Ktm Ktm on Sep 07, 2006

    RF, I am not saying that GM sucks, I merely used that term to explain why GM, like Hyundai, may feel the need to increase their warranty coverage period. gearhead, I give up. You are so clearly biased that you can not read anything without warping it and completely misconstruing what is said. Point out in DIRECT QUOTATIONS, where I said GM sucks. You can't because I did not say it. Second, what about my point regarding comparing Nissan, Toyota and Honda's warrantees to GM?

  • Rakinyo1 Rakinyo1 on Sep 07, 2006

    C'mon Guys and Gals. Bottom line is we respectfully like automobiles and anything else with wheels. No need to get our pannies in a bunch over politics and ceo's we dont even know. Lets all raise our glasses and our arses to those things that matter the most...winding roads, our favorite shiny car and Jay-Z on the ipod.