QOTD: Needing Your Fix

Picture this: You're driving on a road trip. You're making good time, rocking some good tunes, enjoying the drive ... then you get sleepy. Or hungry. Or you need to take care of nature or fill the gas tank and you figure you might as well snag some sustenance or caffeine while you're stopped.

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Kia EV9 Powertrains Revealed, High Performance Variant Coming in 2025

While the Kia EV9’s existence isn’t news, the manufacturer has released the all-important details regarding powertrains and they really span the gamut.

From the sound of things, you’ll be able to have the standard version of the all-electric SUV optioned to be unsatisfyingly slow or surprisingly quick. It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend and your sensibilities as a driver. However, news has also broken that Kia is developing a high-performance GT model that’s slated to arrive in 2025.

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2023 Genesis G90 Review: If You Have The Means

It should surprise very few of my readers that I’m not what one would call a trained journalist. Perhaps my tendency to write in the first person should be the first clue. But I’ve tried to stick to typical conventions of journalism wherever possible whilst writing reviews here, all while maintaining the more conversational tone expected by the Best and/or Brightest.

It’s in the nature of auto writing, however, that one can’t help but encounter other opinions about one’s subject before, during, and after testing a particular vehicle. TTAC doesn’t get invited to every new vehicle launch, after all, where select writers might only briefly discuss and hone opinions over martinis before racing to get the copy out right at embargo time. No, we get a new car shuttled to us each week - one that’s been poked, prodded, and farted (Ed. note -- sorry bout that) in by dozens of other reviewers before and after - and sometimes we will see (and read) those reviews.

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It's Nice, but It's No Lada: Chinese Brands Take Over Russian Car Market

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has set many wheels in motion, mainly to do with sanctions and efforts to cut the nation off from the global banking and logistics network. Though the Russian economy hasn’t completely collapsed, significant cracks are showing, leading the country to turn to China for support.

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These Quirky Electric Trucks Pack Serious Capability

Though they’re all over the streets of gated communities and could essentially be the mascot of Boca Raton, FL, golf carts are not street-legal. Even the most pimped-out cart can’t reach legal speeds and has zero in the way of safety equipment. Club Car, the company responsible for much of Florida’s retiree transportation, aims to change that with its new Urban LSV and XR. The Urban is a funky, tiny pickup truck with an electric powertrain and a small dump truck bed.

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Used Car of the Day: 2019 Chevrolet Bolt Opel Ampera-e Conversion

Today's UCOTD is an interesting EV. It's a 2019 Chevrolet Bolt Premier that comes with lane-keep assist, forward-collision alert, digital rearview mirror, heated steering wheel, heated front and rear seats, and Bose audio.

It's also been converted to an Opel Ampera-e.

Basically, it's a Bolt that has Ampera badging and the Ampera grille.

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The Ford You Want Isn’t Being Sold Here

Do you want a Ford car -- car, not crossover or SUV -- that isn't a Mustang? Sorry, you're out of luck. At least in this market.

However, if you live overseas, you can get your hand on a good-looking Taurus that will make you forget all about the stormtrooper cars of the '90s or the bulky sedan that was the last Taurus sold here.

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Video of the Week: When Tires Attack

It all started with a video I saw over the weekend in which a Kia Soul gets launched into outer space (not literally, don't @ me) by a surprise attack from a tire that decided it was ready to roam free.

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Toyota Tacoma Teased Again Ahead of April 4 Debut

We saw a teaser image of the Toyota Tacoma last week, and now there are two more images -- one of which teases the release date.

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Lucid Recalls a Handful of Air Sedans for Potential Loss of Power

Lucid makes some of the most impressive and powerful EVs, but they aren’t immune to recalls. In fact, the automaker has racked up four such actions on its debut sedan, the Air. The latest has to do with the electric motor contactors, which can open unexpectedly and cause the vehicle to lose power without warning.

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The 2024 Ford Mustang Reaches Almost $80,000 All-In

The Ford Mustang has long been considered a major performance bargain, but there have long been halo models with considerably higher price tags. That will continue to be the case in 2024, as Motor1 noticed that Ford’s new Mustang configurator shows prices ranging from mild to wild, as per tradition.

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Report: Ford Transit Connect Confirmed Dead

On Tuesday, Ford confirmed that the Transit Connect would be removed from the North American market after the 2023 model year. Rumors had circulated that the small van would soon be relegated to Europe – with reputable outlets citing its regional demise back in the summer of 2022. However, this is the first time the company has commented on the matter publicly.

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Dieselgate Resurgence: Ex-Audi CEO Faces Conviction in German Regulation Scandal

Reports have emerged in Germany that former Audi CEO Rupert Stadler is about to become the upper-echelon automotive executive convicted in the diesel emissions fiasco perpetrated by Volkswagen Group. A Munich court issued a preliminary assessment on Tuesday, stating that an accusation of fraud had been substantiated.

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QOTD: Situational Bad Driving

On the road this morning, I encountered a motorist who couldn't decide whether to turn left onto a side street or right into a parking lot. They eventually figured out where they needed to go (right) but not before delaying those of us behind them.

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Used Car of the Day: 1981 Mercedes-Benz 280ce Euro

Today's UCOTD is a rare bird -- a 1981 Mercedes-Benz 280ce Euro that was imported from Japan.

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QOTD: Missing AM Radio?

I am testing an EV this week -- one of several EVs that doesn't have AM radio.

I gotta say I miss it.

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  • Xidex wow so much hate here lol.. I have mostly owned Fords my whole life and have never had any issue with any of them whether its a car or a truck. They must be doing something right as they sell the most trucks and do well with the SUV's. My last car was a 2013 SHO Taurus which just recently got traded in due too age and mileage. That car never missed a beat and I was very happy with it. My most current Ford is a 2020 F150 and my wife has a 22 Bronco, zero issues. but I sure get a good giggle when i speak to family who has all gone to Hyundai (they have never been loyal to any one brand, just buy what they like). Dads sonata is on its 2nd motor after owning it for 2 weeks. sun roof came loose and and and...Sad thing is i do prefer a sedan so unfortunately will have to look at other companies but there isn't anything out there that really interests me (well anything i can afford)But what Ford and GM have done make perfect sense. You cant appease every buyer out there but when the car buyers are few and those few are probably all loyal to Brand X then why would you waste the resources to sell to a limited market.
  • ToolGuy I enjoy a good seven course meal (nine is pretentious; first class on the Titanic enjoyed 11 courses but we know how that went). Some say that a nice full course meal should take 4-6 hours. But because I drive an EV and prefer not to charge at voltages over 125, I can really take my time and savor my meals while traveling.
  • ToolGuy "creating a much longer wheelbase" Mmmmm...
  • ToolGuy • Nice photography.• Electric supercharger is cool.• 48 volts is a LOT and would make me very nervous if I were an electrical engineer employed by an automaker. 😉
  • Xidex easy for us Canadians. Timmy's !Tim Hortons