TTAC Giveaway: ThinkWare Dash Cam

It's time for another TTAC Giveaway! It's time for another dash cam -- this one from ThinkWare.

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Used Car of the Day: 2017 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon

Sometimes, when new cars are too expensive, you can buy lightly used for a little bit less money. This 2017 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon might qualify.

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Video of the Week: Subwoofer Triggers Airbag

Today's video of the week, presented for your afternoon amusement, shows two young men enjoying the sound of a subwoofer. Too bad that they don't know that the vibrations will set off the vehicle's airbag.

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Is London’s Contentious Ultra Low Emissions Zone a Sign of Things to Come?

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has been under fire for pushing ahead with the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expansion poised to encompass the entire city and its surrounding suburbs. Critics have said the decision will effectively force poorer residents to buy brand-new automobiles capable of passing modern emission standards or confront daily congestion charges as they attempt to motor around town.

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GM Bonuses for Salaried Employees Down, Most Still Far Exceed Those for Hourly

We posted earlier about the fact that many hourly employees at General Motors could enjoy five-figure bonuses this year, thanks in part to tweaks in the UAW agreement and a banner year for profits. Now, word has leaked about bonuses for the salaried. They may be down from last year – but many remain far higher than the ones paid to hourly employees. 

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Americans Are Falling Behind On Auto Loans at an Alarming Rate

The economy hasn’t tumbled into the massive recession that some predicted, but there are signs of trouble brewing in the automotive lending industry. At the end of last year, more subprime borrowers were 60 days or more behind on their auto loans than at any point since the Great Recession in 2009. 

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The Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Gets Electrified for 2024

Originally known as the ML-Class, the GLE is Mercedes-Benz’s mid-range SUV. It’s getting a much-needed mid-cycle refresh for 2024 that brings a new plug-in hybrid variant and better tech. Mercedes hasn’t detailed pricing for the 2024 GLE-Class but says it will arrive later this year.

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QOTD: Warming It Up

It's cold outside. Really, really cold. Cold enough that the car washes are closed and anyone who doesn't need to be outside isn't.

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QOTD: What Should the Next Mazda MX-5 Miata Be?

Matt reported earlier today that Mazda is intent on keeping the Miata around basically forever. But it's unclear what it has in mind for the car in the future.

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Used Car of the Day: 1982 Dodge Rampage Project Car(s)

We had a project-ready Ford Thunderbird last week, and today we're featuring a 1982 Dodge Rampage that needs some work. Actually, two of them.

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Mazda Boss Says MX-5 Will Never Die, But What Will It Become?

With the current-generation Mazda MX-5 nearing the end of its lifecycle, there are a lot of questions about what exactly its successor will be like. The ND Miata has effectively built on the foundation of its predecessors without changing the recipe. But increasingly strict regulatory environments and changes in consumer tastes have left questions about whether or not the MX-5 will become electrified. There have also been rumors that Mazda may simply abandon the vehicle, as there don’t appear to be any firm development plans for it just yet.

Mazda’s European CEO, Martijn ten Brink, has attempted to assuage any concerns by stating that the MX-5 will probably be around “forever.” Though he did admit that the manufacturer hadn’t committed itself to the technical makeup of the next-gen Miata.

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The NHTSA is Investigating Certain Ford Explorers for Windshield Trim Detachment

Major automakers deal with recalls all the time. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) monitors complaints on safety and other issues and works with automakers to start the recall process if a defect is found. Ford has had plenty of recalls to deal with in the last few years, including one related to the Mustang Mach-E’s glass roof detaching. The automaker may be looking at another glass-related recall if the results of a recent NHTSA investigation reveal a safety problem.

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VW Has No Plans to Cut EV Prices in Response to Tesla and Ford

Automakers would love to have you believe that they all march to their own drummers, but the reality is that the market is tied together in ways both obvious and less so. Yesterday, Ford announced it would cut prices and bump production for the Mustang Mach-E, a likely response to Tesla’s massive recent price cuts. Most other automakers are yet to respond, but Volkswagen wasted no time announcing that it would not follow Tesla and Ford with price cuts on its EVs.

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2024 Mazda CX-90 Unveiled – New Flagship in Town

Mazda currently sells four crossovers, not including the California-only MX-30 EV. But it doesn’t have a premium-priced three-row. Yes, the three-row CX-9 is nice for the price, but it’s not quite the flagship the brand needs.

Enter the CX-90.

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GM Earns Nearly $10B, Cuts Big Checks for the Hourly

Flying in the face of empty dealership lots and a headache-inducing supply chain, General Motors reported this morning that the company recorded just under $10 billion in net income during the 2022 calendar year. This is good news for anyone wearing a GM hat, including hourly workers who will find enormous bonus checks in their mailboxes later this year.

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