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Seth writes:


I’ve admired your columns from afar for years, as a non-commenting TTAC reader. I especially appreciate your tenacious appreciation, possession and maintenance of cars you love. My automotive life is not nearly as exciting or robust.

While I love my cars, with two small children, a wife and a full-time job, I only have time and money for two at a time (his and hers). I aim to keep them for at least 10 years each. So, I obsess over the scratches and dents knowing I’ll be stuck with them for that long. Ridiculously, I even worry about scratches from washing them.

Which brings me to my question: What’s the best automatic car wash to use to minimize paint damage?

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  • jkross22: Sorry to hear of your loss.
  • jkross22: No, many cheap cars that poor people could buy were crushed. How is it that you don’t understand this?
  • ajla: “What near-empty roads will your tires hum along?” I’m still not totally sure if closed-loop...
  • Goatshadow: Astoundingly tacky.
  • -Nate: Good to hear every one is doing O.K. ~ Last weekend I went on a nice 200+ mile canyons & back roads...

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