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By on March 30, 2021

It’s no secret that we here at TTAC don’t agree on everything when it comes to cars, culture, or politics (Or sports. Using memes to troll staffers who cheer for rival teams is a favorite pastime in our Slack channel).

We don’t speak as one editorial voice, nor do we practice neutral news reporting — we allow for editorializing, analysis, and commentary/opinion, as long as we’re fair, factually accurate, honest, and upfront about any potential biases. It’s one thing I love about working here — I can, if appropriate, put a little commentary into a news post. Overall, I try to allow everyone to be free to express themselves.

Yet, for all our various viewpoints, sometimes we agree on something. And I was right there with Matt yesterday when he fumed about Volkswagen becoming Voltswagen. The change is official, by the way — VW confirmed it.

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By on January 22, 2010

The Chevrolet Volt dancing debacle was pretty embarrassing. So embarrassing that GM felt inclined to step in. Fox News reports that Maria Rohrer, the marketing manager responsible for the “dancing on taxpayers’ money” débâcle has been reassigned to become director of Chevrolet truck advertising. David Darovitz, GM’s PR spokesperson (the poor sod who had to explain the dancing spectacle to the public), confirmed that Maria Rohrer had been transferred but added that “The move had nothing to do with recent events in LA”. Which brings a couple of interesting scenarios. 1: Did GM think she did a good job and promoted her to director of Chevrolet Truck advertising? or 2: Or do GM value the Volt so much, they place it above their lucrative truck business? The Tweet by GM’s VP for Global Communication pictured above certainly indicates the latter. Either way, I’m filing this along with “Cadillac Cimarron”, “Saturn division” and “An American Revolution”, under “GM marketing disasters”.

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