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2018 Buick Enclave Avenir grille - Image: Buick

People and cultures, like the arts, traditions and cuisine born of those cultures, come in all flavors, and so do cars. The great thing about global trade is that we have choice in nearly everything we buy. Few, if any, people are forced to purchase a product because no alternatives built by rival companies exist.

And, because we’re not living under the thumb of an oppressive apparatus that demands us proles buy dismal crapboxes from a sole state-owned factory, our driveway diversity is off the charts. Maybe yours tops them all. (Read More…)

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  • Lokki: This is the problem with History Classes that zoom through eras from 10,000 feet of altitude…. things...
  • Maymar: I think you put a little too much faith in FCA resisting the temptation to nickel and dime suppliers. The...
  • Arthur Dailey: Agree with the last paragraph. Genesis? v8 engine. RWD in older models, AWD in newer ones. Great...
  • StudeDude: Excellent idea. By then Mitsubishi had entered the contest and was selling their truck through Dodge and...

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