By on May 7, 2019

That headline is only the second 1980s musical reference of the day, which might point to a lack of sleep on the part of your author. Blame a raging sinus infection, or perhaps exposure to a heavy Twitter conversation that began yesterday and continues into today.

I’m a passive observer in all of this, as Twitter’s toxicity makes Love Canal look like a lush Koi pond. Engage at your peril. And yet an element of the back-and-forth that rages online in the center of the Canadian universe (Toronto) is something frequently mentioned in far calmer TTAC chatroom discussions.

How much car is too much car?

And, does it matter if you buy to cover all the bases? (Read More…)

Recent Comments

  • FreedMike: The garage is the key – having bedrooms and bathrooms attached is just gravy.
  • PrincipalDan: Golf Sportwagen 4motion manual… It would be a great commuter for me if the wife’s car was...
  • TMA1: Supposed to be = fair market prices not undercut by dumped or subsidized competition.
  • don1967: Auto journalists see “crossoverness” lurking in every new vehicle in much the same way as CNN...
  • duncanator: At that price, I’d opt for a low mileage CPO Audi. Having owned both VW and Audi vehicles, the Audi...

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