Toyota Japan Shuttered Production for a Day to Deal With System Failure

Toyota’s manufacturing processes are the stuff of legend, as the automaker’s focus on quality and efficiency is unmatched in the industry. It relies on a production philosophy known as just in time, which means its raw materials flow into factories “just in time” to be used for production. The methodology reduces costs and waste, but it leaves the automaker susceptible to disruptions if one or more parts of its supply chain or operations have issues.

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Toyota Japan Admits to Exposing Millions of Customers' Data to the Open Internet for Years

Toyota was far behind the times when it came to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, with some at the company citing concerns around owners’ privacy as a significant speedbump to implementing the tech. Now, it seems those concerns didn’t completely extend to other areas of the automaker’s business. It recently apologized for leaving millions of owners’ data on the internet for several years.

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No Markup Necessary: Toyota To Sell the GR Corolla Via Lottery in Japan

If you’ve even slightly considered throwing your hat in the ring to buy a new Toyota GR Corolla, you probably came face to face with the dual buzzsaws of dealer markups and minimal supply. Toyota Japan has its act much more together and appears to want to do the right thing with its buyers because it recently announced that GR Corollas would be sold through a lottery system.

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  • ToolGuy Modified square wave inverters are a Communist plot.
  • FreedMike This would be a good commuter module for someone with at-home charging ability. But if you just couldn't live without going Nissan for an EV, a base Ariya would be a far better bet, doesn't cost much more, and has way better charging capability (and is not limited to CHAdeMo). And, yes, Nissan dealers will deal like crazy on one.
  • ToolGuy Wave a flag in an American's face and all rational thought disappears. Same thing works with breasts.
  • SCE to AUX "Relevant metrics include how often you interact with your phone, how frequently you speed, how many times you have to stop quickly, how often you drive at night, and even the average distance you drive. Location data has also been rumored to play a role. For example, vehicles that frequently traverse high-crime areas may be subjected to higher rates."Those are very relevant metrics.I don't use these apps, I don't speed, I don't own expensive-to-insure cars, and my rates have not gone up. I've also been an Erie policy holder for 35 years, so I don't shop around every few months looking to save $100.
  • 2ACL Too much, but at least it can get out of its own way. One adjustment I don't think I'll ever make to the modern automobile is sub-160 hp beyond $25k.