By on July 24, 2018

Dodge doled out scraps of information and imagery for what seemed like years in the lead-up to the launch of its limited-run Challenger SRT Demon, and it nearly drove us nuts. Just how long can a striptease go on before the audience loses interest?

Toyota’s on the verge of finding out with its upcoming Supra — another vehicle that’s taken so long to deliver the goods, the guys in the front row are paying their tab and stumbling out to the parking lot, fearful of what awaits them at home. More commonly, automakers deem it sufficient to release a zoomed-in image of a headlight, blackened silhouette, or a fender crease a day before the new or refreshed model’s official unveiling.

It’s every automaker’s hope that this little glimpse of skin arouses powerful emotions. The reality, however, might be far different. (Read More…)

By on March 16, 2018

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Kudos to Ford for doing the shadowy teaser image correctly this week. While the auto industry has decided darkened teasers are compulsory for all upcoming models, some automakers provide photographs resembling Spın̈al Tap’s Smell the Glove album — so comedicaly dark, they become unintentional parodies of the now popular trend.

But Ford’s photo makes us feel like we’ve seen more of the 2020 Shelby GT500 than we actually have without giving up the goods, allowing us to feel simultaneously satiated and hungry.

It’s the clearest look yet of the forthcoming Mustang model, and our first impression is that it seems really angry about something. The grille is expansive, seemingly occupying frontal real estate from the vehicle’s nose all the way down to the aggressive frontal lip. (Read More…)

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