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best ipad holders

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Try as you might to avoid too much screen time for your kids, there will be times on a family road trip in which backseat urchins are kept in rapt attention by some sort of tablet. It could be on the way to a far-flung location, after the nth hour of driving, or simply you need all hands to be quiet or I’m coming back there. All those reasons are valid.

So, yes. Despite all efforts of encouraging them to look at scenery or play mind-numbing games of Road Bingo, chances are high that a tablet holder will make its way into most cars across America. On the flip side, there are also plenty of people who deploy tablets for uses other than The Backyardigans, so we’ve attempted to assemble some of those options here as well.

VerticalScope’s bed-wetting lawyers are screaming at me to remind all hands not to engage with a touchscreen tablet while driving, lest a person lose their concentration and crash into a school bus full of disabled children. They are correct, of course — hands off until the car is stopped, okay? Those riding shotgun or camped out in the backseat are free to do as they please.

With that nonsense out of the way, here are eight options for installing a tablet in your car.

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