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By on October 1, 2012

In a former life as an occasional participant on the fringes of the ol’ illegal street racing, I was a member of an “underground message board” where matches were set up, smack was talked, grammar was tortured, you know the deal, right? The board was well-known for being completely cop/narc-free, largely because the cops didn’t care about two community-college dropouts racing 15-second Hondas behind a grocery store in the sticks at two in the morning and then creating twenty-eight-page forum threads detailing their particular excuses for losing. In fact, until some GTO-driving halfwit managed to kill himself and cripple an innocent woman traveling the other way on the freeway, it was pretty much open season for 40-rolls on the freeways of Columbus, Ohio. (Read More…)

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  • Jon: I reside in Phoenix (its 104 today and 110 by Friday!) so maaaaybe my ignorance is showing buuut… who the...
  • Corey Lewis: The Miata is too uncomfortable and unrefined to be the answer for all things.
  • Lie2me: Another favorite “No one needs 4WD or a pick-up” I got 6 sheets of plywood home in 2 feet of snow...
  • Lie2me: I live in the midwest, that “beautiful 70 degree day” is 2 days a year :(
  • 3SpeedAutomatic: Until yesterday’s Junkyard review, was under the impression that all SAABs of the 80’s...

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