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best cargo carriers

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Look, we get it. Not every road trip in your vehicle will be a model of efficient packing. Jimmy wants to take along half his soccer gear, the dog won’t eat out of any other bowl, and Jane simply has to have her hockey stick for practice because tryouts are next month. Where are you going to fit it all?

In a rooftop cargo carrier, that’s where. These things have been around in various and sundry forms since the days of the Model T and, thanks to advancements in modern materials, have actually morphed into something resembling a usable tool. Most of them are easy to access (well, if you’re tall), waterproof, and rugged enough to withstand the forces pressed upon them by 60 mph highway travel speeds.

We’ve plucked eight different options from the digital pages of Amazon. Prices vary, as does total square footage, so be sure to select carefully before splashing out the cash. These things will scupper the use of that panoramic sunroof, too, don’t forget. And, for the love of all that’s holy, carefully read and follow the instructions for a safe and secure placement of a cargo carrier on top of your vehicle. The last thing anyone needs is for the thing to fly off into traffic behind you at speed.

With that out of the way, let’s motor.

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