Quote Of The Day: Government Motors By The Numbers Edition

My first day back at the helm of TTAC has been accompanied by an embarrassment of riches, in the form of both a GAO report on GM and Chrysler’s pension obligations, and the release of GM’s first post-bankruptcy, GAAP-approved financial results. We will continue to mine these documents for the most revealing quotes and statistics, but for now let’s take a moment to consider the political tensions caused by the auto industry bailout. TTAC has long held that political conflicts over the government’s stewardship of GM and Chrysler is a pressing concern, nearly on par with the financial ramifications of the auto bailout, and today’s GAO report confirms our concerns. As the following quote reveals, Treasury is under constant pressure to accommodate political concerns over the management of its stakes in GM and Chrysler, and has received no fewer than 300 official letters from congressional representatives, eager to subordinate the long-term health of the bailed-out automakers to their local concerns.

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Bailout Watch 571: How GM Won't Pay Off Its Government Debt (But Will Try To Make You Think It Did)
According to GM’s 3rd Quarter financial results announcement:GM plans to repay the United States, Canadian and Ontario government loans in quarterly in…
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  • Theflyersfan The news story says the teen is 17. Can be tried in court as an adult. Parents are still responsible for their minor children so she might need to lawyer up. But to go on the local news pleading for the police to lock up her son...wow. No send him somewhere for help. No military school. No discipline to try to shape him up. Just get the Franklin County Sheriff's Department to find him and pick him up. That's one broken family right there.
  • Analoggrotto lol
  • Dukeisduke Sorry, lady - in the state of Ohio, first, he has to smash your skull with a cast iron skillet, then stab you numerous times with a steak knife, then we'll think about arresting him. Sydney Powell found guilty of murdering mother in Akron | wkyc.com
  • Art_Vandelay I have a non V LWB as a rental currently. I agree on the Super Cruise. It works well in the situations that I feel are good use cases for autonomous and was nice after a cross country flight. The interior feels a little chintzy for what it costs to me but it isn’t out of line with its competitors, that’s more of an across the board gripe. Seats are nicer than MB Tex though. All in all if you are going to buy something like this it seems a decent choice. The V is for rap videos though
  • Scott Should be the GRrrr Corolla.Just saying....