Report: Toyota to Upgrade 2025 GR Corolla Line with Automatic Gearbox Option and More Torque

One of my favorite things about my GR Corolla and the factor that makes the car so engaging to drive is its six-speed manual transmission. That said, I understand that automatics are often quicker and have better fuel economy and that there are plenty of people who can’t or don’t want to drive a manual for one reason or another. Toyota knows that, too, moving to offer an eight-speed automatic in the related GR Yaris, which now appears to be making its way to the States in the 2025 GR Corolla.

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Evasive Motorsports Plans a GR Corolla-Powered Toyota GR86 for SEMA

I own a 2024 Toyota GR Corolla Premium, and the turbocharged three-cylinder makes it one of the most enjoyable cars I’ve ever driven. Evasive Motorsports is taking that powertrain and slapping it into a Toyota GR86 for the 2024 SEMA show, giving it the GR Corolla’s AWD system and transmission to boot.

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Toyota GR Boss: Brand Will Lean on Partnerships to Develop Future Sports Cars

Toyota deserves credit for its line of sports cars and manual-transmission offerings, but the Japanese auto giant isn’t planning to keep those efforts afloat by itself. Toyota Gazoo Racing (GR) president Tomoya Takahashi recently told reporters in Australia that the company would look to collaborations with other brands to continue making sports cars going forward.

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Toyota Gazoo Racing Exec: GR SUVs Likely to Come in the Future

I own and love a Toyota GR Corolla, but I’ve never thought that it should be bigger, even though my two kids and 80-pound dog often voice their displeasure with the accommodations. Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s division that handles the GR Corolla, GR Supra, GR 86, and GR Yaris, feels otherwise.

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  • Jpolicke Jaguar started making cars that were dead ringers for Kia Optimas, but less reliable. They now look like everything and nothing; certainly nothing to aspire to.
  • ToolGuy I would answer, but the question might change again, and then where would we be? Also, bran... wheat bran? Bran Castle? The coliva served at Bran Castle is made with wheat, I checked. (Some places use rice, because collectivism does not work.)
  • ToolGuy Learn to drive, people.
  • Corey Lewis I saw a TVR Griffith 500 (mfd 1990-2002) back in June 2014 at the Ault Park Concours, in a side parking lot. It had plates on it, but was MUCH too new to be in the US, especially so as the 500 was a later model 1993+. Luckily I took pics as proof!
  • Bd2 This is when BMW started to go downhill design-wise...