Tesla Looks to Boost Model Y Sales with Threats of Nearing Price Increases

The Tesla Model Y is a wildly popular EV on the global stage, but the automaker is still looking for ways to boost sales and keep it relevant. As we approach the end of the first quarter of 2024, Tesla is pushing the Model Y with a message that prices will increase on April 1 in hopes that the threat of higher purchase price s will drive buyers to act in the next two weeks.

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Tesla's Model 3 Long Range Got a Price Hike

Tesla made news on several occasions last year for cutting prices on the Model 3 sedan, but the automaker appears to have reversed course with the introduction of the car’s 2024 refresh. The Model 3 is now the same cost as the Model Y, moving it away from the impressive price point it had for much of last year.

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Tesla Temporarily Cut Model Y Pricing

The Tesla Model Y is the world’s best-selling electric vehicle, but that hasn’t stopped the automaker from exploring new ways to boost buyer interest. Though it’s eligible for federal tax credits, Tesla is temporarily decreasing pricing on the SUV, dropping it to $42,990 for the base model and $47,990 for the Long Range model.

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Tesla Recalls 200,000 Vehicles for Rearview Camera Glitch

Tesla recently recalled almost every vehicle it has sold to update the Autopilot system with new driver monitoring features and safeguards. We’re now learning of another significant recall, this time involving almost 200,000 cars for issues with the backup camera software that could obstruct visibility.

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Report: Tesla Model Y Was the World's Best-Selling Vehicle in 2023

Tesla was recently overtaken by Chinese automaker BYD as the world’s largest EV builder, but the American company had the world’s best-selling vehicle overall last year. According to a new report from data company JATO Dynamics, the Model Y sold 1.23 million vehicles, making it the global best-seller by a large margin.

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Some Norwegian Driving Schools Ban Teslas for Poor Turn Signal Design

Redesigning the wheel is great, as long as the thing you’re changing actually needs it. Automakers are primary offenders in this area, changing the gear selector and many other long-consistent components.

Tesla changed several things in its vehicles, the most baffling of which is the turn signal stalk, which it removed in favor of steering wheel-mounted buttons. That “update” is cause for concern for driving schools in Norway, where many instructors believe the buttons are dangerous in some situations and have banned Teslas from their lessons.

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Tesla is Expected to Roll Out a Thoroughly Refreshed Model Y Next Summer

Tesla recently began rolling out its refreshed Model 3 sedan in some global markets, and the automaker is now gearing up for an update to its best-selling model. Bloomberg broke the story, which claims that the Model Y is due for a thorough update next year.

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This $15,000 Lift Kit Will Take Your Tesla Model Y to the Clouds

Do you own a Model Y? Do you own a Model Y and wish it could do cool off-road activities? If you answered “yes” to those questions, check out this $15,000 kit to raise the electric SUV by several inches.

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Tesla Model S and Model X Discounted By $7,500 and Offer Free Supercharging

For a while, it seemed like Tesla would never stop raising prices, but earlier this year, the numbers started falling. It appears Tesla isn’t done offering discounts, as it’s giving buyers up to $7,500 off Model S and Model X vehicles in its inventory and is handing out three years of free charging as a cherry on top.

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Till the Wheels Fall Off: Nissan Recalls Ariya and the NHTSA Investigates the Tesla Model Y for Detaching Steering Wheels

We don’t often get to talk about recalls from different manufacturers in the same article, but here we are. Nissan recalled its new electric SUV over concerns that the steering wheel could fall off, while the NHTSA is investigating claims that the Tesla Model Y’s wheel could detach due to a missing bolt. Nissan’s recall is small, with just 1,063 vehicles, but if the investigation yields a recall, Tesla’s could include up to 120,000 Model Y SUVs. 

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Toyota Execs Geek Out Over Disassembled Tesla Model Y

Despite its size and considerable resources, Toyota has been slow to develop and release new EV models. That will likely change under its new CEO, but the automaker has a long way to go, as its recent tear-down of a Tesla Model Y highlighted its deficiencies in EV engineering.

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Tesla Quietly Bumps Model Y Prices by $500 After Slashing Thousands Off the MSRP Earlier This Year

Tesla made waves when it slashed prices earlier this month, but it appears the fluctuations aren’t finished. The automaker cut Model Y prices by $13,000 earlier in January but recently re-raised the price by $500.

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Runaway Tesla Causes Chaos in China

Tesla said yesterday that it will work with Chinese law enforcement to investigate why a Model Y went out of control in that country earlier this month, killing two people and injuring three more.

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Tesla Cybertruck Production Appears Delayed Until 2022

Comments made by Tesla boss Elon Musk and other company execs on an earnings call seem to suggest that Tesla Cybertruck production may be delayed.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the truck will be a flop, as I’ve predicted, but it’s not great news for Tesla, either.

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Tesla's Model Y Gets More Go for Less Dough

Most car buyers prefer to spend less money for more performance, and the more eco-conscious among us can now get into one Tesla Model Y trim for a lower price, while the loftier version makes a previously optional Performance Package standard.

Tesla has cut pricing on the Model Y Long Range by $3,000 while also giving the Performance trim a boost.

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  • 3-On-The-Tree Lou_BCsame here I grew up on 2-stroke dirt bikes had a 1985 Yamaha IT200 2-strokes then a 1977 Suzuki GT750 2-stroke 750 streetike fast forward to 2002 as a young flight school Lieutenant I bought a 2002 suzuki Hayabusa 1300 up in Huntsville Alabama. Still have that bike.
  • Milton Rented one for about a month. Very solid EV. Not as fun as my Polestar, but for a go to family car, solid. Practical EV ownership is only made possible with a home charger.
  • J Love mine, but the steering wheel blocks dashboard a bit, can't see turn signals nor headlights icons. They could use the upper corners of the screen for the turn signals. Mileage is much lower than shown too, disappointing
  • Aja8888 NO!
  • OrpheusSail I once did. My first four cars were American made, and through an odd set of circumstances surrounding a divorce, I wound up with a '95 Nissan Maxima which was fourteen years old and had about 150,000 miles on it.It was drove better, had an amazing engine, and was more reliable than any of my American cars. This included a new '95 GMC pickup that went through five alternators in under two years while the dealership insisted that there was no underlying electrical problem while they tried to run the clock on the warranty.That was the end of 'buy American'. I've bought from Honda and VW since, and I'll consider just about anything except American now.