As Plug-Ins Go On Sale, Japanese Can't Find The Plug

This Monday, Nissan’s all-electric Leaf will officially go on sale in Japan. All of the 6,000 Leafs scheduled to be made this fiscal year has already been reserved, reports Japan’s Asahi Shimbun. A lot of them are in the grips of pre-orderer’s remorse after a trip to their garage:

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Germans Agree On A Common Plug

Germany doesn’t have an EV yet, but they already have a standard fort he EV plug. I would expect no less from my countrypersons. Before they do anything new, they first create a standard for it. Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen have agreed to support a connector system for the charging of electric vehicles based on IEC standard 62196-2. The five German vendors invited utility providers and other OEMs to join the group. Given Volkswagen’s monstrous market share in Europe, there won’t be much other choice for the juice.

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  • Astigmatism As someone with the means, the home charger, and an EV already in the household: God, no. If I wanted an electric truck, would get the Rivian over this thing eleven times out of ten. Even leaving Musk's personality aside, the Cyber Truck is the automotive equivalent of $1000 designer sneakers - they just make you look like an insecure jerkwad.
  • Marty S This is the same wagon that Queen Elizabeth drove, and was recently auctioned. The wagon (sportbrake) came late to the X-Type and was very good looking and certainly nice with AWD. Unfortunately Jag gave up on the X-type shortly thereafter. The XE, which came years later, was a very different car, and more of a Jaguar, with a supercharged V-6.Jag has now decided to abandon all the ICE vehicles and go totally electric at a much higher price point starting in 2025. They also closed many dealerships. Considering the current sales resistance to EV's now happening (even Mercedes is having trouble selling their EVs), I think this may prove to be a very bad decision by Jaguar and I fear for the brand.
  • Carlson Fan What I want to know is does the bed & tailgate form a ramp as the rear end squats to the ground like the prototype?
  • 28-Cars-Later Go to and search for a TC's trunk. This example may still be in the yard but the post is from 2021 so it may also be gone.
  • Carlson Fan Ford, GM & RAM need to get smart and put this type of a drive train in a 1/2 ton pick-up truck. This makes a lot more sense than all electric. Until there is a major development in battery tech. forget EV pick-ups.