Housekeeping: Happy President's and Family Day!

It's a holiday Monday on both sides of the border. It's President's Day down here in the land of NASCAR and football that only has one 50-yard line. Meanwhile, the hockey-loving, syrup-guzzling folks on the other side are celebrating Family/Heritage day.

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  • VoGhost You want to hear something mind blowing? Ford last year lost $34K on every BEV it sold. Tesla made $10K per vehicle sold. So stop telling me that once the legacy ICE automakers get into the EV market that they'll wipe the floor with Tesla. My stock is making way too much money to take you seriously.
  • EBFlex Oh this is glorious. Not that any of this is surprising, we've known since day one government cars are not profitable.But imagine losing over $6 billion (total EV experiment losses from 2021-current) by introducing three garbage EVs, two of which are nothing more than removing the proper ICE powertrain and cobbling together some electric motors in that space (fake lightning and the electric van thing). What a staggering level of incompetence.
  • Dimitar Gueorguiev > No way Ford sells 600k EVs this year, or next.Why not? Mustang Mach E is as good as any Tesla or better.
  • SCE to AUX " expects to sell that many EVs"No way Ford sells 600k EVs this year, or next.
  • Tassos I congratulate Farley for his openness and I appreciate the valuable info. I only wish the other legacy makers, who also lose billions (and in the case of GM, even more billions than Ford), from their BEV business, to cough up the truth.