While You Were Sleeping: Project CARS Tomorrow, Off-Road Lowrider and the Last Commodore is Almost Here

Almost everything interesting from overnight happened in Australia. So lets talk about video games instead.

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Volkswagen Considering Trucks, Vans For US Market

Long ago, Volkswagen once sold (non-Chrysler) vans, utes and trucks in the United States. Those days may come again.

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VW Considering Larger Pickup For U.S. Market

The Amarok may not be coming to the United States, but depending on the success of the General Motors’ twin midsize pickups, Volkswagen may re-enter the light-duty truck market with a product more suited to a U.S. audience.

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Fake In China: Amarok, What Are You?

“An almost 100% perfect copy of the Volkswagen Amarok, which is actually and only made in Argentina” has been spotted in China by Carnewschina. The Hengtian T3 will slot above the Hengtian T1. That one drew its design cues from Chevy trucks, now it’s Volkswagen’s turn to inspire.

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VW And Peugeot Do Brasil: We've Got The Pickup Blues

The first few months after the launch of a new product is seen as critical by car makers. This is the time they take the pulse of the market and determine whether or not the product struck a chord and is going to be a hit or not. Well, venturing bravely into new territory in Brazil, you would not be wrong if you said that Peugeot and VW swung and missed. Peugeot’s Hoggar and Volkwagen’s Amarok are going nowhere fast and are making their makers feel the blues.

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What's Wrong With This Picture: Hungry Like A Wolf Edition
What, you didn’t know that Amarok is Inuit for “Wolf”? Anyway, Forget Mahindra. Third-world compact diesel pickup fetishists can move their…
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VW Do Brasil Pricing Runs Amarok

It’s out. Volkswagen’s best kept secret is out. At VW do Brasil’s website. The price for the mid-size (for Brazil) Volkswagen Amarok is out. It’s way out there. You can pre-order now. Ready? Take your checkbook out. Breathe deeply …

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What's Wrong With This Picture: Rock You Like A Hurricane Edition
Marketing runs Amarok, as VW exhumes German 80s rockers The Scorpions to promote their new South American pickup.
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VW To Bring Amarok Pickup To America If We Promise To Buy 100k Units

The Argentinian-produced Volkswagen Amarok pickup might be coming to the US if VW thinks it can sell enough of them. VW of America’s Stephan Jacoby tells pickuptrucks.com “we’d have to sell at least 100,000 Amarok pickups to make it feasible.” But don’t get too excited: the only compact pickup to sell in those numbers is the Toyota Tacoma, which sold 102,327 units year-to-date.

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  • Analoggrotto Porsche will never reach the status of TESLA.
  • Analoggrotto WHy augment reality in a Ferrari when you can experience the future today among the elite of society's most affluent from behind the wheel of an Elon Muck SpaceX Affiliated TESLA.
  • Tassos I tried to post a link (2 mins of Trump's speech to a Detroit Supplier) but it did not show (yet).He lamented the demise of the Big 3 due to the EV mandates, and told them Idiot Joe Biden will make them bankrupt and they will all lose their jobs.The most important thing he did not mention was that none of the onetime big 3 can make a BEV at a profit, after more than a full decade of trying.What's more, The only automaker in the Free World that has been able to make a BEV at a profit and has massive sales, dwarfing all the rest BEV models put TOGETHER, is the very Domestic (But not unionized, and with good reason!) T E S L A.
  • Tassos I have been a very happy Honda owner for many many decades, this clueless clown does not know what he or she is talking about, IF he refers to me in his hatchet piece.I am a big admirer of the Honda Accord, of which I owned a coupe 5 speed from 1994 to 2016, it was way underpowered by today's standards but it had excellent quality inside and out.and also the CIvic hatch, which I bought new in 1991 and owned until it was totaled (100% the other guy's fault) in 2016, which was the perfect city car, (as its latin name suggests, illiterates) very lightweight and quick on its feed despite its modest HP.I also was always impressed by the Accord Hybrid, which has the same stellar MPG as the Camry Hybrid, but with far more satisfying driving dynamics and styling.So again, Christine, what the hell are you talking about?????
  • TheEndlessEnigma Here comes the Tassos rant...