By on January 8, 2016

1992 TVR Griffith

Earlier this week, we celebrated the new year by looking at a couple cars that are eligible for private import under the NHTSA’s “25 Year Rule” and I figured there were many more possibilities out there warranting a mention. Some of these have become eligible over the last couple years, where some won’t be ready for a year or so.

I’m sure I’ll miss some, either via simple forgetfulness or willful ignorance. (I doubt there are many people chopping at the bit to import a Zastava Florida.)

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  • Inside Looking Out: Arthur, you got it man. This site become like a Groundhog Day, very predictable. I already know...
  • Tele Vision: @JimZ Agreed. The more people who buy EVs will keep the horsejuice cheap for myself and my herd of V8s....
  • RHD: My tenets: V8s use too much fuel. SUVs suck. If it does not have a manual transmission, I’m definitely not...
  • ajla: I’m not an expert on Camry and Corolla buyers like you apparently are so I’ll take your word on it....
  • Inside Looking Out: Who cares. I don’t. San Francisco auto show is more important to me.

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