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By | Last updated: July 24, 2020
best phone mounts

We know, without a doubt, there are several readers in the audience shouting into their screens that few people use a phone mount these days. One’s phone generally stays in a pocket or unceremoniously flung into storage bin or cupholder. And, yeah, you’ve got a point.

There is a segment of drivers, however, to whom a phone holder is the key to their day. Uber drivers (no, the ‘Rona hasn’t completely extinguished that profession) and delivery people, for example, often rely on the things to complete their tasks.

Hey, there might be an occasion when you don’t want to leave your device in your pocket, too.

1. Editor’s Choice: Moshi SnapTo Magnetic Wireless Charger

Your author has actually used this exact phone mount to great effect in his own car. The mount itself can be either clipped into an air vent or stuck to the dash via a disc of gen-u-wine 3M tape. The holder requires one to use the Moshi SnapTo phone case which contains a couple of invisible strips to activate the magnet action.

If you have your own case that you don’t want to remove, Moshi includes a Transformer mounting pad users can affix to the back of their phone. From firsthand experience, your author can report the wireless charging works well and furnishes more battery life than is drained by constant map use.

Pros/Charging capability, Moshi case actually looks good
Bottom Line/Hold and charge all at once

2. Ainope Car Phone Holder

This style of car phone holder hugs your device like a naughty coed to keep it from coming unhinged at the first hint of a corner. The seller claims a clamping force of nearly 30 pounds which should do the trick unless you take this thing to autocross.

This holder utilizes an air vent made from a hook shape to form a trio of grasp points. This beats other variations on this theme which only clamp from both sides. It also alleges a one-handed operation, permitting the quick unholstering of your device before heading into the vape shop.

Pros/Affordable, three gripping points
Cons/Very strange ad syntax
Bottom Line/Deploys the power of triangles to hold your phone

3. TOTU Magnetic Car Phone Holder

Clamp free is the way to be, according to this manufacturer of phone holders (hey – I’m allowed to make terrible rhyming dad jokes around here). They say the strong magnetic material that’s part of the unit is more than enough to grip a device.

Smartly, they also suggest this thing can be deployed to hold your phone in other situations such as in the kitchen while referencing a recipe. Feedback from real-world customers is off the scale, garnering a 4.9 out of 5-star rating aggregated from nearly 200 reviews. A total 360-degree rotation helps when trying to zoom in a particular map address.

Pros/Small in size but strong on holding power
Cons/Requires a disc stuck to the back of your phone
Bottom Line/Very highly regarded by those who bought it

4. Beam Electronics Smartphone Cradle

Affordable, easy-to-use, and widely bought. More than 30,000 customers have left a review on this thing, with over 80% giving a 4- or 5-star rating. This holder is of the type where a pair of padded side bumpers ratchet to pinch your phone in place.

A chin juts from the bottom, sticking out like a spoilt child’s bottom lip, to hold the phone vertically. However, it is not adjustable meaning the bulk of this holder’s grip comes from the side clamps. A button on its anterior side serves as a quick release.

Pros/Not expensive, plenty of feedback
Cons/Only two clamping points
Bottom Line/A quick and cheap solution

5. Aukey Car Phone Mount

As one of the most basic units on our list, this holder fits most standard air vents and both horizontal & vertical vent blades. Easily place and remove your phone using the widely adjustable phone cradle with instant release button.

The mount is padded with soft silicone to ensure smooth contact with your device and prevent scratches. A gap in the lower clamp serves as a handy place through which to slide a charging cable, meaning users can plug in while mapping their destination.

Pros/Less than ten bucks
Cons/Take care on the bumps
Bottom Line/Easy to install and simple to use

6. Vectario Hovergrip Cell Phone Holder

If we can’t have the hoverboard promised to us by Back to the Future, then perhaps a Hovergrip will suffice. This is a flat and flexible smartphone holder that’s intended to wrap around other fixed items. The arm is apparently made of aluminum that can be rolled up.

The clamp itself can be removed, a feature which is either good for portability or bad for creating another weak point. Most customers seem to think the former, if the reviews are any indication. Those same customers report the Hovergrip to feel hefty and provide a sturdy grip.

Pros/Unique design
Cons/Not cheap
Bottom Line/Make sure you've a surface in your car on which to wrap this thing

7. Trianium Magnetic Phone Holder

In a field where it does truly seem one gets what they pay for, it’s tough to take seriously a holder priced less than some cups of Starbucks coffee. Still, a product doesn’t earn a 4.5 out of 5-star rating from over 6,000 customers by accident.

A quartet of built-in round magnets hold your device, gripping it thanks to one of the two metal plates included with the kit. Those plates are of the peel’n’stick variety, meaning you’ll be putting an unsightly tumor on the back of your phone. But that’s hardly of consideration if you’re using this thing purely for work.

Pros/Very affordable, clean look
Cons/Ugly metal plates
Bottom Line/A quick fix if you need one

8. Topwan Wireless Charger & Mount

Clipping to an air vent seems to be a theme of these holders, leading one to wonder just how much of your car’s air conditioning (or heat) they’ll hog throughout your workday. In any event, this holder uses snazzy silver-colored arms to hold a device while charging it up through the inductive flat paddle on which the phone rests its back.

Actually, this thing is the only one on our list to be offered in a variety of colors, so go ahead and spec the gold shade for maximum bling. The ad copy promotes a one-touch release system but its assertion of ‘triple’ clamping causes a couple of chuckles.

Pros/Wireless charging, them colors yo
Cons/More than a few poor reviews
Bottom Line/Get the gold one if you must

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10 Comments on “Can You Hear Me Now? Best Phone Mounts...”

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    ProClip and done. Yes they are pricey but are customized designed for your specific interior and phone model. Its a two part system – need the vehicle mount and phone cradle. I’ve ProClip used exclusively in my last FIVE vehicles. Two of these cars ran Harry’s Lap timer for track days thus a stable mount that could survive Sebring’s broken surface was required.

    For rental cars I’ve got something like that AUKEY model. Its cheap, small and works on pretty much with any random vehicle.

    • 0 avatar

      I have three vehicles: a 2018 E450-based Class C motorhome which came with a so-so nav/audio system; and a 2006 Durango and a 2005 G35 coupe, neither of which offer any kind of phone system integration (although I added an aftermarket MP3 player interface to the G35’s factory radio). Because of these limitations, it’s important for me to be able to solidly mount my phone in all three of these vehicles where it can be seen easily without blocking access to displays or controls. I have never found a better a better mounting system than that offered by ProClip. They aren’t cheap, but they work.

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    I think I’ve tried just about every kind of mount out there and after awhile they all seem to droop and/or shake loose. I finally concocted my own out of bits a pieces of other mounts that so far is doing pretty good

    • 0 avatar
      Art Vandelay

      The truck is my last vehicle that needs a mount and this was my solution. Managed to get a wireless puck integrated. I do prefer the magnetic style mounting to the clamp ones. Managed to route the cable through dash openings and can move it from the wireless to the phone for long trips. I have a vent mount for rental cars, but most of them nowadays seem to be Android Auto/Car Play equipped which is the best solution unless you just have to use the phone itself.

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    Best phone mounts are specific to the vehicle. For mine, you use an existing bolt on dash (a 10-15 minute install, rather than a 30 second install). It doesn’t block any vents, buttons, or screen. It’s easy to access. It’s sturdy. Kinda like it was designed for my vehicle, because it was.

  • avatar

    “Moshi includes a Transformer mounting pad users can affix to the back of their phone.”

    More than meets the eye! ;-)

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    I’ve never used one aside from on my mom’s car because I generally find them tacky. When I’ve needed to see the phone for directions, pre-Android Auto, I’ve wedged it it the section where the steering wheel telescopes. That worked pretty well for me.

    Now it goes in the center armrest where the USB charging/data transfer port is.

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    I’m curious that the WeatherTech CupFone wasn’t on the list.

    In ant event, I just put the phone on the wireless charging pad.

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    What I would like is a mount that holds the phone sideways and an app that enables it to serve as a dash cam. Otherwise, I find a safe place to stop if I need to talk or text.

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    I suspect these will become obsolete as cars increasingly have better phone integration that doesn’t necessitate you needing to see or handle the phone. In my old ride, 10′ Focus, I use a CD slot mount with cradle, which is excellent because it is high on the dashboard and doesn’t interfere much with access to the audio buttons. The screen is high up and good line of sight when I use navigation or streaming/podcast apps. Integration with the early version of Sync means I don’t have to handle the phone if I take a call.

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