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By | Last updated: December 10, 2020
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When it comes to the holiday shopping season, this year may be a bit different. And you may be celebrating holidays virtually. So with that in mind, here are some gift ideas for the gearhead in your life — including ones you can ship. Happy shopping!

1. LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron Race Car Building Kit

Hey LEGO lovers, this is for you. And for most of us, it’s the only way we’re even getting close to a Bugatti. It may not be cheap, but it’s far less expensive than the real thing!

Pros/You can build a Bugatti
Bottom Line/Still cheaper than a real one

2. Gadget Survival Kit

Your road-tripper may need help while out there, especially if 2020 keeps being 2020, so play it safe with this survival kit.

Pros/Cool gadgets, affordable
Cons/Let's hope you only need for fun stuff like fishing and hunting and not actual survival
Bottom Line/Stayin' alive

3. Viktor Jurgen Neck Massager Pillow

Who doesn’t want a nice neck massage? This unit does the trick, and you won’t have to trek to that shady “massage parlor” in the strip mall down the street. You know the one. It’s the one you expect the cops to bust (phrasing!) any day now.

Pros/It's a neck massager
Cons/Probably can't replace the hands of a pro...legitimate!
Bottom Line/Keep that body rocking

4. Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Motorized Track

Take those Hot Wheels out of the box and play with them like the big kid you are, or just with your kids. Boom! Crash! Speed! Fun times, and you don’t even need spiked eggnog.

Pros/Hot Wheels! Tracks! Fun!
Cons/You'll have to take your cars out of the box
Bottom Line/Get on the fast track

5. Chemical Guys Wash Kit

We’ve featured Chemical Guys before, and there’s a reason. You can get all your driveway detailing needs taken care of here, for just $100

Pros/The complete set
Cons/A hundo ain't cheapo
Bottom Line/Have a clean holiday

6. 100 Cars That Changed the World

For the fireside reader, or just the reader, in your world who loves to read about cool cars — and not just ones that performed well, but ones that changed the automotive industry, as well as the world.

Full disclosure — a key TTAC staffer once drew a paycheck from the publisher, but he won’t see a dime from them for this. TTAC, however, will see some cash if you click. So, you know, do that.

Pros/Books are a nice gift, the price is right
Cons/It's not as fun as a Hot Wheels track
Bottom Line/Books always make a great stocking stuffer

From time to time, TTAC will highlight automotive products we think may be of interest to our community. Plus, posts like this help to keep the lights on around here. Learn more about how this works.

(Editor’s note: This post is meant to both help you be an informed shopper for automotive products but also to pay for our ‘90s sedan shopping habits operating expenses. Some of you don’t find these posts fun, but they help pay for Junkyard Finds, Rare Rides, Piston Slaps, and whatever else. Thanks for reading.)

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    Just clicked to support TTAC financially.

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    And for something truly useful, drop a “Fingertip Pulse Oximeter” in your Amazon cart. Much better than temperature check as an early indicator of Covid. (All house guests get checked on the way in and on the way out.)

    My token giveaways to extended family members this year will be:
    • “RISEMART Mini LED Keychain Flashlight, Ultra Bright Key Ring Tiny Light Torch, Pack of 10 Black bright led keychain flashlight” (when the power goes off at the dentist office, this is bright enough to finish the procedure – ask my kid)
    • “Hillman 701288 Assorted Split Key Rings Package, Silver Metallic, 4 Pack” (because we all have keys, and many modern key rings are Not Very Good)

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    On the topic of Fingertip Pulse Oximeters. Instead of removing any nail polish on the finger(s) in question, rotate said finger 90 degrees (+/- 6.28 degrees) before insertion in the tester.

    Don’t believe me? Prove it to yourself using a piece of black electrical tape on top of your finger:
    • With tape, ‘normal’ insertion mode, no light transmission, no reading
    • With tape, 90 degree rotation method, normal valid reading

    Side note: There are some studies indicating that the color of the nail polish can affect the oximeter readings. You will find that this effect is a) insignificant and b) much less significant than the difference in readings you will obtain from testing different fingers [on the same patient].

    [U.S. Health Care: You’re Focusing on the Wrong Thing™]

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