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fly5d auto dent removal kit

This post will be prefaced with two huge caveats. First, your author has exactly a single experience with this type of tool, meaning the recommendations contained within this article are drawn upon that brief encounter, opinions of others who have more experience, and consultations with a battered Ouija board.

The second? We can’t be responsible if you use one of these tools on, say, a leased vehicle only to completely fubar the paint and bodywork. Repairs are at your own risk, folks. If you’re not sure how to use these tools, go find someone who knows what they’re doing.

With that nonsense out of the way, let’s take a gander at what’s on the market for those who seek to straighten out that huge dent in the family whip. Do it right, and your better half might not even know you wrinkled the sheetmetal while hurriedly exiting the Brazzers Revue parking lot. You’re on your own for the wayward credit card receipt from that establishment, though. The best dent repair kits might be able to help drivers erase an embarrassing mistake, and most cost less than going to a body shop to get the work done. These kits won’t work miracles on all dents, however, so make sure to know what you’re getting into or get a quote from a body shop to get a frame of reference first.

1. Editor’s Pick: Fly5D Auto Dent Removal Kit

Billing itself as fit for both the shop and casual shadetree mechanic, this kit comes with a boatload of tools with which to straighten out your car’s sheetmetal. The package packs instructions on how to best tackle different kinds of dents without harming the delicate paintwork. Puller tabs of various size and shape are included, along with a rubber hammer and glue gun. There’s a pair of white gloves in there too, making even OJ feel right at home.

The manufacturer approves this kit for dent removal on automobiles, washing machines, and – strangely – refrigerators. Dude, if you’re head-butting the fridge in a failed effort to get inside, it’s time to put down the beer.

Pros/Kit includes a cubic acre of tools, stainless steel construction
Cons/Not the cheapest option, looks terrifying complex at first glance
Bottom Line/Editor's Pick for best Dent Repair Kit

2. Best Seller: Manelord Auto Body Repair Tool Kit

Here’s a kit that manages to combine affordability with a set of great reviews from real-world customers. Using the principle of leverage, this tool has an arched bridge which allows for adjustment of pin spacing and rotation so the thing can fit all different kinds of dents. The puller itself is made of tempered high-carbon stainless steel and standard stainless steel, while the parts of the tool that actually touch the car’s body are made from high-quality rubber, lessening the chance of paint damage.

Reviews are great, averaging a four-star rating based on a couple of hundred reviews. The fact that it is dirt cheap surely helps but many customers report better-than-expected results, and the seller seems to be engaged with questions be asked on Amazon.

Pros/Robust construction, price, good reviews
Cons/Doesn’t include a huge array of tools
Bottom Line/One of the best sellers on Amazon

3. Simple Solution: Yoohe Black Aluminum Suction Cup Dent Puller

Eschewing hot glue and complicated slide hammers, this unit is simply a giant suction cup. The same technology has been used for years in both dent removal and keeping plush Garfield cats stuck to car windows. Measuring about 5 inches in diameter, the thick rubber suction cup latches on to the bodywork, relying on the upper body strength of the user to yank the sheetmetal back into shape.

The handle is listed as a thick aluminum alloy, despite looking to be of a plastic construction in photos of the black example. It is split, with one half swinging 90 degrees into an upright position as it pumps the air out of the space between the cup and car, creating suction.

Pros/Dead simple to use, cheap as chips
Cons/May not be suitable for all kinds of dents, requires muscle to use properly
Bottom Line/If you don't want something overly complex

4. Gliston Pops-a-Dent Puller Bridge Dent Repair

Despite its too-cute name, this option seems to offer the DIYer a good dent removal tool at a rock-bottom price. This kit comes with a quintet of different sized tabs that should address most dents including hail damage and parking lot dings from rudely opened doors.

In a rare spurt of corporate truthfulness, the seller takes the time to note that this kit won’t help you if the dent is on a corner or crease. The manufacturer also says its adhesive system design allows dent removal without the messy, sticky residue some systems are known to leave behind on sheetmetal after repairs.

Pros/Affordable, wide array of accessories
Cons/Not strong enough for heavy gauge metal according to reviews
Bottom Line/If you do want something overly complex

5. Gliston Dent Puller, 31pc Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kit

From the same company marketing the Pops-a-Dent listed above comes this style kit which uses the forces of leverage to haul out wrinkled automotive bodywork. No fewer than two dozen different sized tabs are included in the mix, plus an aluminum dent lifter. With this tool, the user presses the pair of silver handles together as if they were using a pair of scissors or riveting tool. This action puts pressure on a previously tightened spring, forcing the tool away from the car and hauling out the dent.

According to customer feedback, this tool works well on small-sized damage like that caused by hailstorms or falling acorns (great if you’re being terrorized by a rogue gang of squirrels). Sharp or deep dents may require a different approach. Patience seems to be the key with this tool, as most reviews mention having had to repeat the process multiple times on the same dent, eventually being rewarded with a body panel that was much smoother than when they started.

Pros/Customer-provided videos of the tool in action, works on small dents such as hail damage
Cons/Deep dents may pose a challenge, English-as-a-fifth-language instruction booklet
Bottom Line/Solid pick for small-sized dents

6. Bonbo Car Body Paintless Dent Repair Removal Tools

That brand name is not a typo. Apparently, flipping around a single consonant of a widely-known auto body repair supply provider is enough to keep the copyright infringement police at bay. Regardless of its name, this kit has enough tools to tackle just about any dent repair. In fact, the seller claims it can handle damage ranging from 0.1 inches to 10 inches.

According to the ad, this kit not only includes glue-type pullers and an inflatable push tool but also a slide hammer. Two red flags appear, however. A few typos in the ad copy make this writer’s eyes bleed (“will not *heart* the painting of your car) and—more worryingly—the listed reviews are for suspension spacers, not a dent removal kit. Caveat emptor, folks.

Pros/Plenty of kit in this kit
Cons/Mismatched reviews, distressing grammar in the ad gives pause as to authenticity
Bottom Line/You like gambling? This could be good. Or not.

7. Anyyion AI Car Body Paintless Dent Repair Removal Tools

Similar to the suspiciously named product above, this kit contains a wide array of dent removal tools ranging from slide hammers to bridge boards. More than fifty glue tabs of varying shapes and sizes are included if one wishes to try that dent removal method as well. A trio of different glue sticks, of steadily increasing strength, are also included. There is also a t-bar dent lifter tool with the riveter-style handle for good measure.

As the most expensive option on this list, the manufacturer is wise to also include all these tools. Reviews are solidly in the green, with a few customers complaining about the quality of the plastic glue tabs but reporting good a good overall construction of all the other tools. The listing has instructions on how to use each tool, which should give confidence to less experienced DIYers.

Pros/Includes a cubic acre of tools, positive online reviews, detailed instructions
Cons/More expensive than other kits, janky quality of plastic glue tabs
Bottom Line/The option to go with if you love spending money

8. Super Buy 13PC Dent Puller Auto Body Repair Tool Kit

On this occasion, Jeremy Clarkson was right—sometimes all you need is a hammer. Said to be made of heavy duty drop-forged carbon steel, this dent puller set should work on most cars and trucks. Because it attaches to the exterior of the vehicle, it removes dents without having to mess with interior panels and upholsteries.

The steel shaft on which the knurled slide hammer is mounted (hey, get yer mind outta the gutter!) measures about two feet long and three-quarters of an inch on the round. Used correctly, the pulling force of this tool should be quite strong. It comes with a plastic carrying case so you shouldn’t lose anything.

Pros/Forceful use of physics allows for repair of tough dents, well reviewed by most customers
Cons/Not the cheapest on this list, offers a single type of repair
Bottom Line/A great slide hammer if that's what you want

Using a Dent Removal Kit

If you’re a shadetree mechanic with only a passing knowledge of how to use dent removal tools, it is a good idea to research the different types available to determine which one will work the best for the repair you want to complete. A slide hammer may produce significantly different results than what a suction cup tool or bridge board will provide. Choosing a tool with too much grunt can do more harm than good, while selecting a unit that is not forceful enough will create frustration and wasted time.

Whatever you decide to buy, remember that most of these tools listed here will work best fixing shallow dents on flat and flexible surfaces, such as the wide expanse of a car door. Even then, the repair will not likely create a perfect finish. More complicated dents—ones on a corner, covering a bodyline crease, and so forth—may require the services of a professional.

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