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Yes, it seems like TTAC was in a rush to post info about the VW offer, like an old school newspaper anxious to avoid being scooped.
If you aren't first, you're last. However, getting across the line first while we're rolling over and on fire probably isn't how we want to do it. The coverage was a bit too granular, I'll admit. We will cut down the noise in the future.

But while busy trying to decipher the registration process, there was no attempt to discover if there was a quid pro quo (which was almost a certainty) or what it might be.
We did. There was no information available at the time we went through the registration process. All the links were dead. We reported that.

Similarly, at times it seems as if we have been treated to the story of the hour on the new UAW contract. I will suggest that in cases like the above two, it might be better to consolidate all the news of the day on that item, once a day, even if it means having to provide multiple bylines. It would seem to be preferable to splitting information and discussion on the topic between several threads.
I think our UAW coverage is in line with our competition. However, the Volkswagen coverage was too granular.

The mechanics of doing multiple bylines adds another layer of complexity.

I look forward to reading TTAC almost every day, but sometimes it seems like it is offering quantity in place of quality, to its detriment.
Noted. There are commercial realities at play, however, and I do try to strike a balance between news and features. One of those commercial realities is that we have an incredibly small budget compared to our competitors. Hopefully that will change soon. We will see.

In addition, on Jack’s blog, another commenter noted that their first and foremost attraction was the forum-like nature of the comments of the B&B, with most of the articles being secondary.
However, without the articles, there is no discussion. We have had a relaunched forum that's been available for a few months. It doesn't seem like the B&B is interested in it.

To the extent that pushing out multiple articles in short time spans fragments the interaction of the B&B, that would make that practice detrimental in the long run to the daily attendance of its audience.

Excuses of overwork only work for a while, although they do merit some consideration. But when and if that becomes the chronic state of TTAC, something will have shifted in a bad way.

Better a bit less wordcount/day, and a bit more of condensed and consolidation facts at the end of the day.
I'm trying to find that balance. We keep experimenting to see what works best. Today didn't. That's the lesson we can learn. Or, rather, that I can learn.

And please, Mark, consider discouraging some writers from sharp-edged political similes, unless they are essential to the central theme of the article, or they are made by someone qualified to handle sharp objects. Otherwise such comments are distracting at best, or viewed as clickbait, if persistent.
When it comes to editorials, of which I consider car reviews, I let my writers have a bit more freedom in their words. News not so much. I believe the purpose of the Libertarian mention was that of a humorous nature and nothing more.

In addition to that, when it comes to American politics, I have zero invested interest. I hold no loyalties and don't put myself anywhere on the American political spectrum. If a political mention is obviously a joke, I will let it slide. If it's meant to hurt or demean, that's a different story.
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