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Default VolandoBajo's comments and my reply

Here's VolandoBajo's original comment on a post that's been taken down. I will reply to it shortly.

Yes, it seems like TTAC was in a rush to post info about the VW offer, like an old school newspaper anxious to avoid being scooped.

But while busy trying to decipher the registration process, there was no attempt to discover if there was a quid pro quo (which was almost a certainty) or what it might be.

Similarly, at times it seems as if we have been treated to the story of the hour on the new UAW contract. I will suggest that in cases like the above two, it might be better to consolidate all the news of the day on that item, once a day, even if it means having to provide multiple bylines. It would seem to be preferable to splitting information and discussion on the topic between several threads.

After all, the B&B are unlikely to comment on data elements on a registration screen, or the vote of a segment of a single plantís voting numbers, compared to commenting on what VW is offering and what it is demanding in return, or what the news of the day, not the hour, might happen to be with contract ratification.

I look forward to reading TTAC almost every day, but sometimes it seems like it is offering quantity in place of quality, to its detriment.

In addition, on Jackís blog, another commenter noted that their first and foremost attraction was the forum-like nature of the comments of the B&B, with most of the articles being secondary.

To the extent that pushing out multiple articles in short time spans fragments the interaction of the B&B, that would make that practice detrimental in the long run to the daily attendance of its audience.

Excuses of overwork only work for a while, although they do merit some consideration. But when and if that becomes the chronic state of TTAC, something will have shifted in a bad way.

Better a bit less wordcount/day, and a bit more of condensed and consolidation facts at the end of the day.

And please, Mark, consider discouraging some writers from sharp-edged political similes, unless they are essential to the central theme of the article, or they are made by someone qualified to handle sharp objects. Otherwise such comments are distracting at best, or viewed as clickbait, if persistent.

You canít and shouldnít try to discourage that sort of things from the peanut gallery, but when it is offered up as being supposedly germane to the subject of an article, it seems a bit over the top.

I offer the Libertarian comment as a case in point.

TTAC is still a good product, but it needs to be careful not to start down the slippery slope, as such an approach almost always ends in increasing acceleration. Not a good thing outside of mostly four-wheeled vehicles.
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