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Default Winter Maintenance And Driving tips for cars

  • Cold climate can take a toll and compromise the safety of your car.For a comfortable winter driving follow the tips.
  • Cold temperature can weaken belts and hoses under the hood.check their condition to avoid snaps or breaks.
  • Keep your wiper fluid filled up, as fluid can assist in breaking down the frost on the windshield.
  • Avoid an empty fuel tank; cold and constantly shifting temperatures can cause condensation on the walls of an empty fuel tank and soon water will drip down in to the may cause trouble in the fuel system.
  • The cold temperatures of winter cause engine oil to thicken,but you can overcome this problem by filling your engine with a suitable additive.
  • If you ever find yourself skidding on an icy/slippery road,donít brake; take your foot off of the accelerator and guide your car to safety by turning the steering wheel in the opposite direction youíre skidding.
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