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I like them, especially the Town Car Cartier or Ultimate editions but I haven't owned one only test driven and picked around the edges of them but I didn't wake up one morning loving them.

First time driving one was in college. I worked in the maintenance department and we were in charge of the motor pool and cars were occasionally rented by the college to pick up dignitaries that were flying in etc. It was one of the early areo Crown Victorias about a 1993 model, nice and soft, good torque, could brake the tires loose easily, and was very quiet and comfortably. I was asked to return it to the rental place.*

I had grown up on the GM B-bodies from the early 1980s to the early 1990s through my Father's employer who used them as company cars. I have always found the GM B-bodies to be superior in every way but GM is a bunch of freaking quitters who stopped building the B's in 1996. Panther wins by still being in production until 2011.*

My next next two times driving were on the lot of my local favorite dealer who happens to be a Buick/GMC dealer but has never had a bias to what he has on his lot as long as he can sell it.*

First was a 1998 Lincoln Town Car, every option save heated seats and sunroof. Dropped off my truck for service and went and saw the used car sales manager whom I'm friends with. He knows I like my cars big, soft, and American. I had a blast with that car I was allowed to keep it for the day. Finding curvy roads *and blasting down the freeway it made me fall in love.*

A couple of months later they had a 2000 Crown Victoria with 108,000 miles on it and very few options beyond alloy wheels and automatic climate control. It still had cloth seats. Again I had fun bombing around the city in it.*

I don't think ANYONE comes to Panther Love without at least trying one out. Unless they are foreigners who come to visit the United States and vow to experience "BIG AMERICAN CAR."*
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