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Angry Mazda crashed my new CX-5 2016 after it did not start

On July 25, 2015 my new 2016 CX-5 only two months old did not want
to start. I checked the battery and it showed it had power but my car
was as dead. I called my dealer at Lodi N.J. we're I bought the car for advice
and Rahsheed told me to call Mazda road side assistance and I did.
Spoke with a Mazda roadside assistant and told her what was going
on with my car and she told me a flat bed tow truck will be at my location
with in a hour. One hour later comes the flatbed tow truck and I asked
the driver if I could ride along and so I did.
We get to Koeppel Mazda Queens NY. I tell the tow truck driver
that I am going inside to let the manager know that we are dropping of my car.
The manager Andrew Paulino steps out side with me and as the tow truck is backing up and bringing my new car down it scrapes and dameged my new Thule
bike rack Andrew the manager tells him to stop what he was doing and that the car needs to be lowered on the street. At this point the driver is getting frustrated and levels his flatbed truck in which he forgets to put the rear straps and chain hooks
on the rear of my NEW CAR and also forgets to put my NEW Cx-5 off off of neutral and failed to put it in park and Failed to deploy the emergency parking
brakes on my car.

He then drives forwards fast and slamming
on his brakes causing my Brand New (Mazda CX-5 GT with Tech package) to shoot forwards and crashing into the back of his tow truck causing front end damage.
Three Mazda certified workers seen the accident including the service department
Manager Andrew Paulino and I were all in shock on what just happened. Andrew and I took photos of the damaged SUV and Andrew told me that he would take care of the report. I advised Andrew that I don want my car back do to the lost of my resale value caused my Mazda. On 8/14/2015 I stopped by the repair shop that was fixing my car

to get some things I left in the car to my horror my car was in the back of the shop dirty with my whole SUV front end sitting on top of my cars roof not to mention both my front windows was rolled down getting dust and dirt all over the place and not to mention there goes my new car smell and the body shop wasn't even certified Mazda repair shop.

I know that when a new car rolls off the assembly line every thing is calibrated the transducer in the front of my Mazda emblem with the laser on my wind shield work hand in hand so that my auto brake assist work properly.
Now my new car will have a damage report on carfax that I did not
cause all Mazda's fault.
1. Why did my new car did not want to start in the first place it was
only two months old with just 2000 miles on it.
2. Mazda Roadside assistance contracted the tow truck company
NYC Tire Auto Care Inc.
3. The incident happened in front of multiple employees of Mazda
(Manager: Andrew P. (Service department associate: Izzy Valentine
and two others from Parts Department that will vouch what happened.
I will now lose thousands of dollars on my trade in when I decide to trade in
my 2016 CX-5. I stated that I don't want my car back to every Mazda personnel
I spoke with do to the fact that it was Mazda's fault
I just want a brand new CX-5 with every thing I put in but sadly I am getting the run around. Even my insurance company called in my behalf and they
also getting the run round:
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