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Default How Many Months Until Johan de Nysschen bails from/is forced out of Cadillac?

Modern Cadillac -

-Harsh, unrefined ride quality
-Unrefined motors
-Cheaply finished
-Cramped interiors/small trunks
-1990s era Pontiac Bonneville Gauge Clusters (CTS & ATS)
-Dated exterior design
-2.0 4 banger POS motors (even in 50k+ CTS and upcoming CT6, which will be massive sales flop)
-Grossly overpriced
-Massive depreciation (even on relative scale)
-Dive, scumbag dealerships
-Going back to badge engineering
-Poor product mix
-Literally being saved from absolute ruin by one model, to wit, the Escalade (a Chevy)

Place your bets on how much longer Johan de Nysschen lasts at the very sickly division of Guangzhou Motors known as Cadillac?
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