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Originally Posted by Cathy View Post
Good morning, Sajeev!

I have a 2007 Suzuki XL7, 180,000 km,*which apparently needs its timing chain replaced.* (The engine light is on, giving a P0008 code, and the dealer and another independent garage has both told me the code means a timing chain replacement, giving me a repair estimate of $2500-3500.)*

I have since spoken to four other 2007 XL7 owners, and all have had the same issue.* Fortunately, they were able to get the chain replaced while the car was still under warranty - not true in my case.

Thus, I am thinking since it seems to be such a widespread problem, that it is a design flaw (they have sliders that wear out, instead of pulleys that turn)*- surely there should be no reason to repair cam chains/tensioners in a normal-design vehicle that has been given regular maintenance?

Have you heard of this issue before?* I am wondering if there is a class action suit against Suzuki around this issue.


Timing chains (and their guides) do go bad over time and need to be replaced. Honestly, if you had any interest in another vehicle, now would be the time. A class action lawsuit against a company no longer doing business here sounds like a bad idea.
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