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PrincipalDan said Bertel Schmitt being BS and very fond of Asian women far younger than he along with Japanese Bondage photos.* Jack as our "Tame Racing Driver" (the Stig) and his gold hoodie featured in a few reviews.* Vodka McBigbra as his companion (which inspired some of the B&B to try renaming their own ladies.)* Z71Silvy and his reflexive hatred of all things Ford, suggested by many that perhaps his family was murdered by a Crown Victoria.* Vanilla Dude (killed by Bertel in one of his many "ban hammer" binges) who would write long philosophical tomes on being middle class in America, the American Dream, and the proper cars for a man with a wife and 2.5 kids.* I would argue Kenmore is a meme with his love of "appliance" cars which we enthusiasts decry and lust for MILFs and soccer moms.* I know there are many more out there.* Dan, you are a veritable historian of TTAC
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